Alumni Association

Through your Alumni Association membership with UBSS, your life-long learning needs will continue to be met.

Alumni Association

Through your Alumni Association membership with UBSS, your life-long learning needs will continue to be met.

Where life-long learning continues
Welcome to our Alumni Association

Congratulations to all our UBSS graduates from past, present and future.

Our Alumni traces back to 2008 and continues to forge ahead year after year. UBSS is proud to be the seventh largest MBA business school in Australia (MBA News). We continue to go from strength to strength with a graduate satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5 (Graduate Outcomes Survey, 2021).

UBSS believes in life-long learning, and we are committed to help you target your goals more clearly through continued entrepreneurial growth. From networking opportunities, events, publications, mentorships and refresher learning, UBSS is focused to help you meet your future.

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UBSS is committed to help you target your goals more clearly through continued entrepreneurial growth and networking.

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Professional development
Events & Services

Upcoming Event
14 October 2021, Online

Interview with Rahul Daga

Rahul will discuss the skillsets in franchising, and how franchising works. He will speak about the development of two franchise Snap Printing locations in Sydney and the backstory of developing a successful mobile printing service.

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Upcoming Event
12 October 2021, Online

Interview with Sudhir Warrier

Sudhir will discuss a case that was managed well, and one that did not go so well. He will talk about negotiating strategies and acquiring new assets, and chat about some of the differences in cultures from his Indian business affairs through his Australian businesses. 

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Past Event
20 September 2021, Online

Institute of Managers & Leaders (IML) and UBSS: Navigating Cross-Cultural Business

Realize the benefits of cross-cultural understanding - the key factor in developing and expanding business relationships both locally and internationally.
Join Adjunct Professor Art Phillips and three industry guest panelists, who will discuss the benefits of working across cultures to fuel business expansion.

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Alumni Services
Prepare yourself for your Australian work-ready experience

Australian Government Micro-Credential

Successful graduates, unlock your future – and unlock your employability skills by starting your Australian journey with the Study Australia Work Readiness Program, which has been carefully tailored by AusTrade to help you improve your employability. The Certificate generated from this Program is an Australian Government endorsed micro-credential.

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Advance your scholarship

Articles Published

What Can We Learn from Everyday Successful Australian Entrepreneurs?

The Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS) commissioned Cyril Jankoff and Daniel Bendel to write a second book for them, a book on entrepreneurs. Its purpose is to give new local and international undergraduate and MBA students a feel of what everyday Australian business success looks like. To give a realistic view of successful entrepreneurship the authors chose 15 successful entrepreneurs and will interview them.

Interview 1: Sudhir Warrier
Interview 2: Rahul Daga
Interview 3: Himalee Karunasena
Interview 4: John Engelander
Interview 5: Art Phillips
Interview 6: Alice Needham and Philip Chaplin
Interview 7: Robert Roshan
Interview 8: Greg Whateley
Interview 9: Margaret Harmer OAM
Interview 10: Matija Squire
Interview 11: Alan Manly OAM
Interview 12: Jon Tse
Interview 13: Annemarie Manders
Interview 14: Greg Quicke
Interview 15: James Barbour

Vol 1, Business War Stories From The Trenches

Every business, and every person, has had battles, and will have battles in the future. Written by Cyril Jankoff and Daniel Bendel (CFE Fellow), this book is a collection of some of the more informative starting, operating and ending business battles (and accompanying financial issues) which the authors have experienced. 

Read all fifteen unique case studies about business stories, good and bad - relating to starting, operating and ending a business. 

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Transitioning to Online Learning During COVID-19 – Reflections by Practitioners

Under the guidance of the editors Professor Angus Hooke and Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley, UBSS has just released the hard cover book, Transitioning to Online Learning During COVID-19 – Reflections by Practitioners. This publication contributes to the ongoing culture of scholarship at UBSS, by providing the opportunity to all UBSS and GCA staff to bring their perspective on a unique period in time, being the pandemic of COVID-19, and its impact on higher education.

It is through this scholarship that an Institute of Higher Education is able to gather the opinions and experiences of its lecturers, managers, administrative and support staff to inform and influence others in higher education.

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Alan Manly Publications

Alan Manly OAM, is an established Australian entrepreneur, company director and published author. He founded Group Colleges Australia - which incorporates an Independent Higher Education Provider being Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS), that offers one of Australia's most successful MBA programs.

In addition to his achievements and contributions to the education sector and business community, Alan has written a book on his entrepreneurial journey in The Unlikely Entrepreneur, and frequently shares his entrepreneurial insights in industry publications.

Read Alan's latest articles:

Video Content

The Frank Caruso Interview

Adjunct Professor Art Phillips hosted an interview with Frank Caruso, Caruso’s Natural Health products, where Frank shares his 10 principles to success in business.

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Knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneurs
CFE Fellows

The Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE) - where students have immediate exposure to highly acclaimed entrepreneurs and organisations directly involved in business in Australia. Entrepreneurship sets UBSS apart from many other colleges, institutes and universities – as we provide a range of creative and innovative learning activities and outcomes for our Alumni to never stop learning. The Centre for Entrepreneurship is an essential guiding light and infrastructure to assist in this area.

Our Fellows are involved in various activities here at UBSS that value-add to our learning and resources; including mentorships, publication authorships and industry presentations.

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CFE Fellows Case Studies

Our Fellows here at UBSS are renowned business entrepreneurs who carry a wealth of knowledge and experience. They continue to contribute to scholarship through authorship of unique case studies designed for UBSS.

These invaluable articles are written using real-life business stories that each Fellow has experienced here in Australia and around the world. Below are some of the latest case studies as presented by our Fellows.