Welcome to the CFE

Welcome to the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE) - disrupting the higher education agenda. Where students have an immediate exposure to highly acclaimed entrepreneurs and organisations, directly involved in business in Australia.


CFE is the brainchild of Alan Manly - founder, owner and Managing Director of Group Colleges Australia and UBSS, with over 20 years of experience in the Australian Education industry. 

Alan Manly is an Australian entrepreneur and company director. He has over ten years of higher education experience and leadership and he has published 30+ articles in a range of national and international publications. 


His first book "When There Are Too Many Lawyers" tells the story of an entrepreneur caught up in a ten year court case. His new book " The Unlikely Entrepreneur" is an essential read for all aspiring entrepreneurs. 
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Alan recognises the importance of an MBA student not just receiving a class room education, but also hearing from and being involved in Australian businesses, to truly develop to job ready graduates. The Centre for Entrepreneurship operates within UBSS, a respected private higher education provider in Sydney, Australia offering Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business awards.

A global perspective to teaching

Fellows of the CFE are subject matter experts in their field, who present to students complementing the business and entrepreneurial material covered in class. Providing real world insights into being an entrepreneur. Topics include raising funds, creativity and new idea viability assessment, dealing with regulation, cutting through marketing and many other valuable topics.

World-class opportunities

 The CFE develops the following vital business skills for UBSS students:

  • Create an entrepreneurial mindset - learning from and be exposed to highly successful entrepreneurs from different industry verticals;
  • Develop ‘business acumen’, to make the right business decisions at the right time
  • Acquire knowledge of ever changing business climates, nationally and globally;
  • Enhance professional development communication, negotiating and persuasion skills together with ‘real time’ executives.

UBSS prides itself in offering students a holistic learning environment, combining qualifications and a distinct advantage into their business area of choice, whilst attaining their MBA and promises a ‘hands on’ environment. Cutting edge learning and innovation is a highly sought after attribute for students in today's higher education environment. This is achieved at UBSS by providing opportunities for students to hear from experts in their business field and from the opportunity to work on real life business problems in Australian businesses.

Leading Knowledge Network

We are delighted to introduce the new 2018 CFE Fellows. 

Agata Mouasher

Cultural and Communication Studies

Steve James


Stephen Parker

Technology and Innovation

Jamie Rigg

The Arts

Assine George

Technology and Innovation

Peter Wallace


Rahul Draga


Jessica Ferguson

Education, psychology & people management

Bernadette Or

Social Change

Art Phillips

Performing arts

Tanya Graham

Tanya Graham

Michelle Carlyle

Coaching and Mentoring

Simon Chhoeu


Yan Flageul

Consulting & Entrepreneurship

Dimitri Kopanakis

Performing Arts