Valuable connections with industry leaders
Centre for Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE) - where students have an immediate exposure to highly acclaimed entrepreneurs and organisations, directly involved in business in Australia.

Valuable connections with industry leaders
Centre for Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE) - where students have an immediate exposure to highly acclaimed entrepreneurs and organisations, directly involved in business in Australia.

Real-world education
Welcome to the CFE


The Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE) is the brainchild of Alan Manly OAM - founder, owner and Managing Director of Group Colleges Australia and UBSS. Alan is an Australian entrepreneur and company director with over 25 years of experience in the Australian Education industry.

In 2021 Alan was honoured with the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in recognition of his Service to Tertiary Education. The citation also acknowledges Alan’s community service commitment over many years. Alan Manly has appeared on numerous television interview shows speaking about entrepreneurship and business skillset, and has a multitude of articles published in a range of national and international publications.

Alan recognises the importance of an MBA student not just receiving a classroom education, but also hearing from Australian and international business executives and entrepreneurs - to truly develop ‘job ready’ graduates. The Centre for Entrepreneurship operates within UBSS, a respected private higher education provider in Australia, offering Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business awards.


His first book "When There Are Too Many Lawyers" tells the story of an entrepreneur caught up in a ten year court case. His new book " The Unlikely Entrepreneur" is an essential read for all aspiring entrepreneurs. 
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Message from the CFE Director

Work Integrated Learning

The Centre For Entrepreneurship is an integral part of the delivery of work integrated learning (WIL) at UBSS. WIL brings the real world to the classroom. By having Fellows present to students their entrepreneurial experience or subject matter expertise, this greatly enriches the student learning experience.

Our ‘work integrated learning’ is enhanced with interviews from industry experts, case studies, real world business projects, writing business plans and business simulation - all designed to prepare UBSS students for their future careers or entrepreneurial endeavours.

Under the guidance of TEQSA, the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF) 2021 (Standard 1.4.2c) requires courses of study to contain “knowledge and skills required for employment and further study related to the course of study ” and “skills in independent and critical thinking suitable for life-long learning” (Standard 1.4.2d). This is achieved through the various WIL measures embedded in all UBSS courses and subjects, with the assistance of the CFE.

World-class opportunities

The CFE develops the following vital business skills for UBSS students:

  • Create an entrepreneurial mindset - learning from and be exposed to highly successful entrepreneurs from different industry verticals
  • Develop ‘business acumen’, to make the right business decisions at the right time
  • Acquire knowledge of ever changing business climates, nationally and globally
  • Enhance professional development communication, negotiating and persuasion skills together with ‘real time’ executives.

UBSS prides itself in offering students a holistic learning environment, combining qualifications and a distinct advantage into their business area of choice, whilst attaining their MBA and promises a ‘hands on’ environment. Cutting edge learning and innovation is a highly sought after attribute for students in today's higher education environment. This is achieved at UBSS by providing opportunities for students to hear from experts in their business field and from the opportunity to work on real life business problems in Australian businesses.

Enriching opportunities
A global perspective to teaching

Fellows of the CFE are subject matter experts in their field, who present to students complementing the business and entrepreneurial material covered in class. Providing real world insights into being an entrepreneur. Topics include raising funds, creativity and new idea viability assessment, dealing with regulation, cutting through marketing and many other valuable topics.

Learn from industry experts
Entrepreneur Work Integrated Learning Events

At UBSS, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is a vital part of the education experience. It bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, providing students with real-world learning opportunities to enhance employability and prepare them for successful careers. Through WIL, students gain practical skills, build professional networks, and learn from experienced professionals in their fields.

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The latest news, views, and announcements
CFE Newsletter

December 2022

Welcome everyone to our December issue of the ‘Centre for Entrepreneurship Fellows Newsletter’ where we continue to share important story highlights from the many facets of entrepreneurship here at UBSS.

This is our 6th CFE Newsletter, and hope that you are enjoying the publications.

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August 2022

Welcome everyone to our August 2022 issue of the ‘Centre for Entrepreneurship Fellows Newsletter’ where we continue to share important story highlights from the many facets of entrepreneurship here at UBSS.

This is our 5th CFE Newsletter, and hope that you are enjoying the publications.

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May 2022

This is our 4th CFE Newsletter, action packed with a variety of items that will entice our readers.

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December 2021

This is our 3rd CFE Newsletter, and we hope that you are enjoying the publications. It is our intent to keep each of these short and sweet, with a maximum of ‘5’ topics.

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September 2021

Congratulations to all our recent graduates of UBSS, where we combined our 2019 and 2020 student cohorts of graduates into this year’s ceremony, which took place at the Sydney Opera House in May. I want to thank our Fellows for your continued involvement and expertise given to UBSS, and in particular to Daniel Bendel (author and Fellow), and Stephen Parker (publisher, lecturer and Fellow) for your profound work with the UBSS publication series.

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July 2021 

In our first edition of the CFE Newsletter,  I want to congratulate our CEO, Alan Manly for his recent OAM. It is such an honour for Alan, his family and all of us at UBSS/GCA. I also want to thank our Fellows for your continued involvement and expertise given to UBSS, and a very warm welcome to Sam Sorace and Ray Dib, two new Fellows to our Centre who are featured inside this edition.

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Benefits of the CFE
CFE Start-Up Competition

CFE Start-Up, from the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS) and sponsored by the Institute of Managers & Leaders (IML) and MBA TV, is a unique competition for postgraduate UBSS students and Alumni of UBSS, focused on acknowledging and awarding innovative and entrepreneurial business plan concepts and proposals.

Winner of the 2022 CFE Start-Up

The 2022 ‘Winner’ of the ‘CFE Start-Up Competition’ for Outstanding Business Plan & Start-Up Proposal is Thi (Hellen) Ngoc Huyen Pham, for ‘HR Nails Inspiration’.

2022 CFE Start-Up winner's certificate

Judge’s comments

Congratulations Thi.
This business concept and plan shows innovation and aligns well to being able to make a difference in the nail and beauty market industry. From the logo on through to the financial projections of the business, Hellen’s project is exceptional, as it is clearly focused with a thoughtful delivery and classy slide presentation.

Watch the Presentation

- A clear analysis of this market sector
- Strong practical forecasting
- Shows how the business will make a difference in the market
- Innovation shown: printing on nails with new technology
- Co-create designs with the ‘customer’ on original nail designs and patterns
- Business flow chart clear
- Risk assessment addressed well
- SWOT shows realistic thought
- Marketing plan appears sustainable
- Finance proposed: gross profit proposed 48.87% & net profit margin (after tax of 30%) proposed 12.5% at the end of year 1.

The winner will receive:
- a CFE Award Certificate
- a discount on one future subject selection at UBSS
- complimentary access to an IML Virtual Leadership Workshop
- a recommendation letter to a choice of your request and 
- two 30-minute mentorship sessions with a sought-after business executive associated with IML or an entrepreneur Fellow of the UBSS Centre For Entrepreneurship.

About Thi Ngoc Huyen Pham

Thi Ngoc Huyen Pham

Thi Ngoc Huyen Pham is an international student from Vietnam, studying at the Universal Business School Sydney specialising in Management and Finance. Thi (Hellen) is focusing well as an entrepreneurial businesswoman and has a great future ahead to contribute positively to the world by focusing on social impact and bringing innovation and value to society.
Hellen is passionate to continue learning and working on self-development.
When she is not at study or work, Hellen is an avid swimmer and loves spending time reading books.

Leading Knowledge Network

We are delighted to introduce our Fellows. Our Fellows provide the UBSS student cohort and Alumni with integral ‘work integrated learning’ (WIL) experiences, by sharing their expertise and business knowledge through interviews, special presentations, case studies and seminars. The value of our Fellows is clearly recognized to create a better tomorrow for today’s students.

Adjunct Professor Art Phillips
MMusStud, FIML, FCFE, FCSR, FAIM. Art Phillips is the Director of The Centre For Entrepreneurship and is a multi-award winning com...
Janine Allis
Janine is among Australia’s most respected people in business.
Luke Mangan OAM
Luke Mangan OAM is a world renowned Australian based restaurateur and chef.
Dr Narisa Chauvidul-Aw
Narisa is the CEO and founder of KogoPAY Group, a socially conscious fintech start-up in London...
Barry Gordon
Barry has had an extensive career in large infrastructure, construction and manufacturing projects...
Ailsa Page
Known as the Marketing Sherpa, Ailsa Page knows business and knows what it takes to be successful. With over 20 years running...
Tanya Graham
Tanya is Executive General Manager, Strategic Programs for Healthscope, having previously been the Chief Transformation Officer...
Sir Gerard Newcombe
Vice President (Operations) Group Colleges Australia. Sir Gerard has 45 years’ experience in International Management, Marketing a...
Dr Andy West
Andy is an Adjunct Professor of the UBSS Executive Delivery MBA. He is the former Dean of UBSS, having worked with UBSS since 2014...
Steve James
Steve is a self-named ‘pracademic’ bringing his academic knowledge and experience to his practical consulting...
Ray Dib
Ray Dib is an experienced entrepreneur and investor who has grown multiple successful businesses, exiting via sale to ASX listed.....
Matija Squire
Matija is a Founder, Director and Educator with versatile knowledge and experience in Startups...
Jamie Rigg
With a career spanning over four decades and many parts of the world, Jamie is an accomplished musician, arranger, producer...
Peter Wallace
Peter is the founder and Managing Director of corporate advisory Endeavour Capital, an independent corporate advisory company....
Jessica Ferguson
Jess is a passionate and driven leader who has worked in a variety of roles across both public and private sectors...
Dimitri Kopanakis
With an extensive and global career spanning the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors, Dimitri is a seasoned CEO...
Rahul Daga
Rahul studied printing technology in India and the UK. He started his career on the production floor and worked his way up...
Bernadette Or
With a keen interest and a natural curiosity about the stories that sit behind financial information, Bernadette supports social.....
Lawrence Potter
Lawrence is an entrepreneurial business management advisor commercialising and growing a wide range of businesses...
Simon Chhoeu
Simon is partner of accounting firm Horwood Partners, with over 17 years of professional experience in the industry...
Michelle Carlyle
Michelle Carlyle is the CEO of Be Centre which is a not-for-profit organisation that provides Play Therapy for children...
Sam Sorace
Sam Sorace is a passionate and enthusiastic leader who has worked in a variety of financial services roles in the private sector.....
Justin Wibrow
Entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of every experiential led activity Justin undertakes. His equivalent ‘lemonade stand’ was...
Daniel Bendel
Daniel commenced his career in the 1970s as a financial accountant in the corporate world...
Simon Shenton
Simon is on several University advisory boards, bringing his commercial and leadership experience to the development...
Mark Cody
Mark’s passion is education, demography, political advocacy and establishing partnerships...
Dr Catherine Lopes
Catherine is the first Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Merkle ANZ, a global customer experience management company...