Student Central

Welcome to Student Central.  Student Central is one of the primary information points for prospective and current students of UBSS.  Please familiarise yourself with our guides & information hotspots.

Student ID Cards

Every UBSS student is given a Student ID Card at induction. You must carry your Student ID Card at all times as proof of identification. For each class, you are to scan your card in the classroom to record your attendance. You also need to have your ID Card with you to attend examinations. If you lose your Student ID Card, please contact Student Services immediately on Level 10.


Members of UBSS staff will send you a bulletin and/or an email when we need to communicate important information to you. When you log into MyGCA the bulletin will appear in red and you must read it before you can continue into the MyGCA web pages.

Note you must have financial status to access MyGCA or you will miss out on important information! UBSS staff will not provide information to students directly that has previously been advised by bulletin and/or MyGCA email. Please rectify any issues with Student Services immediately.