Our Campus and facilities
The city is our campus

Experience learning in the pulsing heart of both the Melbourne and Sydney CBDs, with the facilities, technology, support, resources and mentorship you need to guide you on your path to professional success.

Our Campus and facilities
The city is our campus

Experience learning in the pulsing heart of both the Melbourne and Sydney CBDs, with the facilities, technology, support, resources and mentorship you need to guide you on your path to professional success.

Recognising student success

Graduation at UBSS is a special event on the school calendar – and so it should be. We are proud to be able to recognise the dedication and hard work of our students and their significant achievement in completing their higher education studies. Graduation is proudly celebrated as it signifies the beginning of heading into the world of business entrepreneurship equipped with the knowledge and skillset to succeed.

We are honoured to be trusted by the aspiring leaders of tomorrow with their business education, and we know that our graduates, armed with the learnings they have gained here at UBSS, will go on to do great things in the world and achieve their dreams. Our graduation ceremony takes place at the iconic Sydney Opera House, and the ceremony is live streamed every year to allow friends and family across the country and the world to be with our students as they celebrate their success.


After you graduate
Your journey with UBSS doesn’t end with graduation – UBSS is a business organisation designed not only to assist students but to support Alumni too.

As a past student, you can still continue to access a wealth of benefits and opportunities, including corporate networking events with industry partnerships, a growing list of business resources, regular newsletters, seminars, presentations and more. This way, as you continue forward on your career path trajectory, UBSS is still here to support your accomplishments.
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Facilities that inspire, challenge and connect
Campus Life

Both UBSS campuses in Sydney and Melbourne feature state-of-the-art technology and numerous resources designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you get the most out of your business education and set you up for success. Each campus is equipped with the same suite of resources, support services and student benefits, all of which integrate seamlessly with our online learning facilities, ensuring that every UBSS student has the same opportunities for success. Discover a world-class educational experience, exceptional facilities and support services integrated into everyday student life.

Resources and facilities
When you begin life on campus at UBSS, you will notice the incredible amount of resources and facilities that we have introduced into our learning environment to support you on your educational journey. This is because everyone is unique, and we’ve established campuses that cater to all preferences and needs.

Student orientation

You’ll feel welcomed and comfortable as we take you through our thorough orientation process which provides all of the information and resources you need to make a smooth transition into UBSS life. This includes exposure to flexible study options, study support with learning coordinators, introductions to passionate teachers who care about your success, online resources and so much more. We’ll also set you up with all of your technology, UBSS Mobile app and online credentials to give you complete access from the start.

Learning in the classroom
Our classrooms feature innovative Interactive Whiteboards that allow active student participation and enable students to digitally access lesson materials after the class is finished. Involving our students in the teaching process ensures a greater level of understanding of the material.

Learning beyond the classroom
Other learning facilities available at UBSS include unlimited access to an extensive selection of world-renowned e-libraries as well as the use of Moodle, Lecture Studios, and Blackboard Collaborative to enhance the learning experience and ensure that education can still continue outside of the classroom.

Ongoing student support
At UBSS, it’s not just about studying. There are also opportunities for personal growth, leadership development and social interaction to enrich your experience through regular student events and activities, mentorship, recognition awards and collaborative group work.

Space to study
UBSS also provides safe spaces for students to continue their studies on campus outside of the classroom, with large computer labs and quiet areas for individual study available for use at all times.

Digital tech connectivity
Experience cutting-edge education technology that supports personal and flexible learning, with all of your options, course requirements, study and learning assistance, all at the touch of a button. This includes an impressive array of future-focused facilities, state of the art professional studios and live-streaming capabilities to make learning convenient, relevant and enjoyable. UBSS also provides support systems like myGCA, a student-centred service designed to manage the entire student lifecycle from enrolment to graduation. The exclusive UBSS Student Mobile App acts as your personal assistant, with 24/7 Q&A services, messenger chat, important updates, remote queuing for student services, subject and exam timetables, and appointment scheduling. This also allows students to stay connected with their educators and engage in online conversations.

Our faculty and networks
At UBSS, our teachers also play the role of mentors, giving our students the opportunity to engage with business professionals and absorb their knowledge and experience from the corporate world. The Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE) is exclusive to UBSS and gives students access to respected industry leaders directly involved in businesses across Australia and highly acclaimed entrepreneurs with real-life experiences to share. This unique initiative takes learning to a whole new level by creating an entrepreneurial mindset and developing business acumen through events and mentorship, all while studying.

UBSS also has a valuable partnership with the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML), an initiative designed to educate and develop aspiring business leaders for the future through:

  • Learning and development programs
  • Professional community events
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Resources and more

Focused on the student experience
Each feature and resource available to students at UBSS campuses have been designed and implemented to improve the student experience and ensure that you are given every opportunity to succeed in all your business endeavours.


Welcoming students from across the world
UBSS International

As an international student, studying at UBSS is an opportunity to obtain a highly-ranked and internationally-recognised business degree, embrace the Australian student experience, and set yourself up for global entrepreneurial success in the future.

By choosing to study at UBSS, you will be joining a community of thousands of other international students at one of Australia’s top business schools. According to the annual QILT student surveys conducted by the Australian government, UBSS regularly exceeds the national average and ranks in the top 5 business schools in areas such as teaching quality, student support and overall positive student experience.

UBSS provides a range of services to all international students, including orientation and welcome sessions, academic support, and learning support. You will also have access to your lecturers and tutors via our online chat services when you require further assistance inside and outside the classroom.

COVID-19 advice for international students
While international students currently don’t have the option to travel to Australia to study at UBSS, we encourage you to accept your offer now and begin your education with us online. With our blended study option, you will be able to travel to Australia when the borders reopen and continue your studies on campus should you wish. UBSS’ online learning facilities go above and beyond to cater for our online students and provide resources, assistance and support every step of the way to ensure that you receive the business education you need to be successful in the future.

UBSS is committed to providing an equal opportunity education for all of our students, both domestic and international. We aim to provide you with the tools to set yourself up for a successful career in the business world, both here in Australia and around the world.

What our students say about their UBSS experience
Student testimonials

Here are some testimonials from business professionals and entrepreneurs just like you, who have entrusted UBSS to develop their careers through our undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Hear what our current and past international students have to say about their
experience at UBSS and find out where our unique combination of in-depth learning, collaborative support, professional network and practical business knowledge is taking them.

“UBSS offered me the best value for my money as a student. I completed my MBA in August 2017 from UBSS. The best thing about UBSS was the direct teacher & student interaction. The teachers are highly qualified, have industry experience, and are the best in their areas. I would recommend my family and friends to pursue their studies at UBSS because it offers the best value for money and quality education with the Australian experience.”

Usman Sindhu
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

“The teachers and staff are very encouraging in terms of student development both academically and socially. The staff are very responsive and prompt in catering to everyone's needs.”

Cindy Bandao
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

“UBSS feels like home when you are so far away, everyone is friendly and helpful. I recommend UBSS to everyone that is seeking growth in their career pathway”

Maya El Sabbagh El Ramy
Bachelor of Accounting

“I highly recommend UBSS to all aspiring accounting and business students, be it international or domestic. Aside from the reasonably less costly programs, UBSS is already an established name and institution, being one of the top colleges in Sydney that offers quality graduate and post-graduate education.”

Apple Jee Anne, Almoroto
Bachelor of Business

"Facilities and resources at UBSS are world-class. As a business school, they provide facilities with cutting edge technology and can easily adapt to extreme changes in any situation such as during this COVID-19 pandemic. UBSS was one of the pioneers in Sydney to action and implement online learning without jeopardising the quality of education being delivered."

Sherwin Jay Ian Manalang

Bachelor of Accounting