Why Study an MBA?

Management Skills

Knowledge imparted in our MBA program extends out in developing managerial skills for students.  These skills provide the essentials for dealing with real-time situations pertaining to management and problem resolution. You are not only equipped in enacting a managerial role but also facilitated in grasping core responsibilities of your organisation.  "The MBA introduces students to the various business disciplines and prepares them for general management roles." http://www.studiesinaustralia.com/types-of-education/mba-and-management-education 

Developing Business Expertise

Our MBA provides an additional advantage for students from non-business backgrounds.  By earning an MBA degree, you increase your practical knowledge in the field of business administration.  Even after completing your MBA, you can continue your doctorate in any other discipline.  An MBA will give you the "change to develop a wide range of general business knowledge and broad base of technical skills in a relatively short period of time."

Starting your own Business

An ideal MBA program helps you in becoming business savvy.  The skill-set taught in MBA provides you with the hands-on training for dealing with real work business problems.  Eventually, you can branch out as an independent entrepreneur: running your very own successful business.  "Research has shown that the failure rate for small businesses started by MBAs is about 50 percent less than the standard failure rate."

Competitive Advantage

Our MBA program prepares students as highly qualified leaders.  The specialised skills and leadership qualities taught in MBA programs, provides you with a competitive advantage over others. Most of the leading business organisations prefer to hire MBAs for higher management positions.  "Employers report that people who have undertaken an MBA tend to be more confident in the workplace, as well as more able to influence other workers, due to their high level of credibility."

Career Advancement

An MBA degree helps you quickly climb the corporate ladder with a handsome salary package alongside a respectable designation.  High performing successful MBAs are more likely to reach top management levels of Fortune 500 companies and other corporate areas.  "It is estimated that 70% of MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers or board directors". 

Job Security

An MBA degree provides a combination of elective and specialised course that train candidates to handle complex business situations. Thus, having an MBA degree assures sustainability of your job in the organisation.  The demand for MBAs rides high even during global economic recession.  "MBA grads are desirable in any job market; an MBA will give you the opportunities you need to advance in the business world".

Subject outlines

Subject outlines for each subject are accessible by students through the UBSS Learning Management System (Moodle).  Subject outlines provide students with a ‘road map’ or rationale behind the purpose and structure of the subject. It explains how performance in the subject will be assessed and graded. The subject outlines are informed by the national regulator of the higher education sector (TEQSA).  

MBA Students 2017

(Including nested awards, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma)

Applicant background Number of
Number of
Full year intake 2017

Past higher education student
(includes a bridging or enabling course)

0 0%

Completed secondary education, e.g. ATAR
(in the past 2 years)

0 0%

Past vocational education and training study

0 0%

Previous Higher Education Study

0 0%

Work and life experience

9 1.8%

International students

480 98.2%

All students

 489 100%

Course Credit

(Recognised Prior Learning)

UBSS may grant exemptions on units previously undertaken by students through another Registered Training Provider. Course credit requires students to provide certified copies of certificates and transcripts. The assessment process may take up to 5 working days.


A maximum of eight (8) subjects may be awarded to MBA candidates with recently completed graduate or honours studies from a recognised tertiary institution that are directly relevant to core or specialised subjects;

Graduate Diploma

A maximum of four (4) subjects may be awarded to Graduate Diploma candidates with recently completed graduate or honours studies from a recognised tertiary institution that are directly relevant to core or specialised subjects.

Graduate Certificate

A maximum of two (2) subjects may be awarded to Graduate Certificate candidates with recently completed graduate or honours studies from a recognised tertiary institution that are directly relevant to core or specialised subjects.  Credit transfer is awarded based on the merit of the case, subject to:

  • previous studies must have been completed within the last 5 years;
  • demonstrate alignment of learning outcomes and content, and the equivalence of assessment;
  • the applicant providing the requisite information and certification for assessment by UBSS.