Launch your career!

We have many courses to choose from whether you’re starting out, looking to improve your career prospects, or pursuing a passion.

Launch your career!

We have many courses to choose from whether you’re starting out, looking to improve your career prospects, or pursuing a passion.

Undergraduate Courses

An undergraduate degree from UBSS is your passport to opportunities around the world. To undertake an undergraduate degree, you must have completed high school, secondary school, or a level equivalent in your country.

Bachelor of Business

Graduates will learn skills in strategic management, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship delivered through an integrated range of subjects that support successful personal and business development. The course is designed to consider the challenges faced by businesses and expose students to the concepts and theories that explain how the business world operates. Practical application of these theories in the form of business simulated games, group work and individual projects will be integral to your learning experience.

Take the fast-track option to get your degree sooner, or get there at your own pace and exit with an Associate Degree of Business or Diploma of Business. Learn more

Bachelor of Accounting

Learn skills from specialised academics and industry professionals across business accounting, IT for accounting, business communication, taxation law, corporate accounting and more. A fast-track option is available provided students enrol in twelve (12) subjects per year (includes Optional trimester). International students must enrol in a full-time study load across the three trimesters to ensure they complete within their CoE period.

This degree may be completed in 2 years full-time where Credit Transfer is granted for up to twelve subjects for relevant prior study or as agreed with academic leadership. Learn more

Postgraduate Courses

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Fully accredited, industry-focussed and internationally recognised, the UBSS MBA is more than a piece of paper. Your MBA journey develops leadership qualities and specialised skills to give you a competitive advantage in the global business marketplace. Build core skills across corporate strategy, project management, financial management, economics, financial accounting and reporting, business law and more.  As a working professional, you need more than theory. Keep your finger on the business pulse with real-world business challenges and simulations with mentoring from leading industry experts. Build your personalised MBA and choose a specialisation in entrepreneurship, accounting or IT Management.


Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Complete 8 courses from the general management MBA stream to earn your UBSS . Just like business, life doesn’t always follow a neat plan and you need to adapt to circumstances. If you need to take a study break to focus on real world projects, you’ll have a Diploma and direct credit towards your MBA. Learning is never wasted. Learn more

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

The UBSS is a perfect starting point for your first formal business qualifications. By completing four general management topics, you kickstart your career and lay the foundations for your entrepreneurial future with direct credit towards your MBA. When you’re ready, we’re waiting.