Life in Sydney
Living in Sydney

Famed as a world-class city, Sydney’s warm, sunny climate and its strong economy guarantee its place as the most popular choice for students moving to Australia.

Life in Sydney
Living in Sydney

Famed as a world-class city, Sydney’s warm, sunny climate and its strong economy guarantee its place as the most popular choice for students moving to Australia.

Life in Sydney

Living in Sydney

The sparkling harbourside city of Sydney is, without doubt, one of the most sought-after cities in the world to live and study. UBSS’ Sydney campus is located in the heart of the Sydney CBD, and we are proud to be able to provide a thriving business environment for our aspiring entrepreneurs to study in to gain first-hand insight into the life of a business professional. When our students choose to live and study in Sydney, they have the amazing opportunity to create valuable networks for their current and future business success. Many business leaders and brands have favourable connections to Sydney and the city is well respected the world over.

Sydney Student Accommodation

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Sydney’s city centre is currently around $1776 per month, and outside of the city is around $1300 per month. Of course, there are many other options available in Sydney such as student and shared accommodation that can help to keep the costs down for our students. It’s also important to bear in mind the additional expenses that come with living in Sydney, such as utility bills, groceries, public transport and entertainment.
For more information about finding accommodation in Sydney, visit Study NSW and Student Accommodation Association.

Sydney Employment

Sydney boasts a large number of employment opportunities for our students, which not only enable you to support your lifestyle but also provide valuable experience for your future alongside your studies. Wages and working conditions in Sydney are heavily regulated and therefore considered quite favourable. There is also a great opportunity for work experience and internships in the business sector, however many of these positions can be unpaid.
For more information about finding work in Sydney, visit Study NSW or Seek.

Sydney Health Services

Sydney has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and support is readily available for anyone who needs it. Aside from hospitals and doctors surgeries, there are also health services available for dental, optical, physio and mental health, just to name a few.
For more information about finding range of health and support services in Sydney, visit Study NSW.


Sydney Transport

The public transport system in Sydney is wide-reaching, easy to navigate, and cost-effective. As well as trains, buses, light rail, ferries and taxis, there is also now the addition of rideshare services like Uber to help students to get around the city and beyond. The UBSS Sydney campus is only a short walk from both Town Hall and Museum train stations, providing you with ideal convenience. Concession cards for cheaper public transport travel are also available to students at UBSS.
For more information about transport services in Sydney, visit Study NSW.

Sydney Student Support Services

There are a number of support services available in Sydney for students, including assistance finding accommodation and employment, as well as free legal advice and counselling services. UBSS also offers academic and personal support to all of our students to ensure you can excel both in and out of the classroom.
For more information about support services for students in Sydney, visit Study NSW.

Safety in Sydney

Sydney is regarded as an extremely safe city, with low levels of crime, and law enforcement and emergency services are readily available should they ever be required.
For more information about staying safe in Sydney, visit Study NSW.

Guide to Sydney
Create memorable experiences

With millions of local and international tourists pouring in the city, Sydney has become one of the most visited cities in the world. Best Sydney tourist attractions range from romantic beaches and islands to the breathtaking wildlife sanctuaries to the mystifying museums and buildings. To guide you, we have compiled a list of city's events and the most amazing tourist attractions in Sydney.

Must-see events

Discover the latest events in Sydney. Explore exhibitions, markets, classes, concerts, workshops and festivals across the city. The Visit Sydney website features a comprehensive calendar of events. You’ll be thrilled with the fun, exciting, intriguing and delicious events. Read more on the Events page on the Visit Sydney website.

Top Attractions

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Bondi Beach
Royal Botanic Garden
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Museum of Contemporary Art
The Rocks
Sydney Tower Eye
Taronga Zoo
Manly Beach
Cockatoo Island
St Mary's Cathedral
Sydney Fish Market
Luna Park Sydney
Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk
Australian Museum
Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
Wild Life Sydney Zoo
Sydney Zoo
Queen Victoria Building
Sydney Harbour National Park
Mrs Macquarie's Chair Sydney
Capitol Theatre
The Star Sydney
Hyde Park
Powerhouse Museum
Sydney Observatory
Madame Tussauds Sydney
Old Government House Parramatta
Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel
Bangarra Dance Theatre
Belvoir St Theatre
Australian National Maritime Museum
Cape Solander
Money and budgeting
The cost of living in Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s biggest city and the country’s top destination for international students. The cost of living may be slightly higher in Sydney than some other Australian cities, but it’s still possible to get by on a student budget. To help you make the most of your money while studying in Australia, we have listed some categories below to help you plan ahead.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) advises that a single international student requires approximately AU$21,041 per year for living costs. These expenses are in addition to tuition and study fees, and include things like your accommodation, food, textbooks, transport and other costs that will crop up from time to time. Living expenses vary according to your circumstances, such as the type of accommodation you choose, its location, the number of people you live with, and your lifestyle. Student life can be expensive, and most people live on a limited income while they are studying.

Living costs

To help you understand what costs to expect, we have developed a sample weekly budget for you.

The following estimated costs are based on a single student living in shared accommodation (per Jan 2023)*:

Item Cost per person per week
Rent (shared) AU$225 - 400
Electricity, gas and water (shared) AU$20 - 40
Food AU$80 - 300
Phone and Internet AU$15 - 30
Public Transport up to AU$70
Entertainment AU$80 - 200

Disclaimer: The prices listed in this article are listed in AUD$ and are intended as a guide and are indicative only, it does not include the living cost of personal care items. We highly recommend you investigate costs specific to your own personal circumstances.

Find out about other lifestyle costs in Sydney.

Estimate your living costs

Knowing the average living costs in Australia is an important part of your financial preparation. To get a better idea, check out the handy Cost of Living Calculator. This tool is designed to help you estimate how much it could cost to have the lifestyle you choose in Australia. You can compare accommodation arrangements, transportation options as well as other lifestyle choices.

The costs provided are an approximate guide only. The Cost of Living Calculator is designed to help you think about how you spend money and to give you a broad estimate of potential costs in Australia.


Note: The Department of Home Affairs has financial requirements you must meet in order to receive a student visa for Australia. For more information please click here.

Estimated figures accurate as of January 2023.
*, 2023