The Smart MBA School
About Us

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established professional, our nationally recognised and accredited programs offer flexible study options and prepare you for the global business marketplace.

The Smart MBA School
About Us

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established professional, our nationally recognised and accredited programs offer flexible study options and prepare you for the global business marketplace.

UBSS History - A Word from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor


Student success at UBSS is supported by a world-class team of mostly PhD specialised academics and student support staff. We are committed to students seeking to build or further their business leadership, accounting and information technology careers, based on an international education with an Australian experience, leading-edge innovation and digital technology for those who want to be job-ready when they graduate.

Part of our global citizenship is a student body that reflects the multicultural make-up of both the high-growth Asia Pacific region and the immediate surroundings of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The UBSS experience brings together international education and a solid Australian business foundation with colleagues and alumni who will form the basis of your long-term friendships and business contacts.

Set in the heart of the central business districts, UBSS’ campuses offer students more than a world-class education. It is also surrounded by a bustling, cosmopolitan, inner-city dining and shopping experience, only metres from major train station hubs. With multiple bus routes also accessing the campus, students are assured of safe and reliable transport options.

We look forward to welcoming you and supporting your career success.

Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley - UBSS Staff

Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley,
Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Our Vision and Mission


Launch your own career from a strong foundation of Australian education.

Our Vision

UBSS will be a global leader in business education, consistently delivering the highest Australian quality standards and being recognised as one of the world's leading business schools. We strive to continuously redefine how business education is taught to inspire and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.

Our Mission

To launch the careers of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by delivering world-class Business, Accounting, Information Technology and MBA programs through flexible study options that give students the greatest advantage possible.

Our Approach

UBSS encourages and promotes a culture of intellectual inquiry and the open exchange of ideas in the pursuit of knowledge, innovation, transformative disruption and best practice.
Our courses are designed with modern learning in mind, through remote and in-person sessions, interactive modules, engaging subjects and the latest technology from pioneering practises, all taught by industry leaders.

Our Faculty

UBSS selects and appoints academic staff who are respected practitioners within their relevant fields of expertise and able to integrate academic theory with professional practice. Curricula is academically integrated and relevant to professional practise to equip graduates with the skills necessary to shift the thinking of their chosen discipline and be successful.

Our Values

  • Delivering the Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Accounting and MBA with an Australian experience
  • Providing a productive learning environment for the entrepreneurs of the future
  • Offering a high level of student support and care
  • Delivering cutting edge online and classroom education technology for all students
  • Fostering diversity and cultural competence
  • Ensuring academic excellence and free intellectual inquiry
  • UBSS encourages and promotes a culture of free intellectual inquiry and the open exchange of ideas in the pursuit of knowledge, innovation and best practice.

Launch Your Career Badge

Why Choose UBSS?


A thriving culture of education

Discover a dynamic learning community of academics, staff and fellow students at the forefront of business who all contribute to Australia's vibrant, commercial capital in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Fully accredited Australian Business School

Australian tertiary education ranks amongst the best in the world.
All UBSS courses are listed on the TEQSA National Register of approved courses and providers and recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) – meaning that your UBSS qualifications open doors in Australia and worldwide.

Acclaimed by your peers

In 2018, UBSS outperformed over 40 public and private Australian Universities in a number of categories with the release of results for QILT - the Australian Government’s annual student survey including:

#1 MBA Business School in Australia for Learner Engagement (QILT)
#1 MBA Business School in Sydney CBD for Student Support (QILT)
Top 10 Education Providers in Australia for Teaching Quality (QILT)

Entrepreneurial focus

With an entrepreneurial focus, UBSS provides a strong and conducive learning environment for the entrepreneurs of the future. This focus involves cultivating informed, agile, critical and ethical thinkers and doers to experience diverse perspectives in diverse settings and Executive delivery.

Centre For Entrepreneurship (CFE)

Exclusive to UBSS, our purpose-built Centre for Entrepreneurship promotes integral development through a hands-on approach and access to respected entrepreneurs with real-life experiences. Led by pioneering industry experts, this unique initiative takes learning to a whole new level by creating an entrepreneurial mindset and developing business acumen while studying.

Experienced lecturers

Our passionate and experienced teaching staff have internationally recognized academic qualifications, professional memberships and recent commercial experience that provides a real-world focus for learning.


In keeping with best practice at major universities in Australia, UBSS students have access to online databases such as Proquest, EBSCO Host, Emerald, Oxford Reference Online, Informit and Gale.


As a widely adopted e-learning platform and resource, Moodle is used for all UBSS subjects and subject materials.

Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards allow active student participation both in class and at home.


This international standard student management system allows students to access their academic details 24/7 online.

GCA Campuses

Our campuses offer study and recreational spaces with state-of-the-art computer labs, along with modern and bright classrooms to maximize student learning safety and comfort.

Business Strategy Game

Used internationally, business simulation games focus on the management of economic processes in a business, allowing students to experience and test themselves in situations before encountering them in real life.

Australian executives review the Business Simulation Game

Business leaders, company directors and managers, entrepreneurs and business authors review and advise on your business simulation game progress.

Governance and Leadership


Governance Structure

UBSS is a member of Group Colleges Australia (GCA). The GCA Board has ultimate responsibility for UBSS's performance and operations as an accredited higher education provider. The corporate governance is overseen by the GCA Board and the five standing committees; Executive Management Team (EMT), Audit and Risk Committee, Work Health and Safety Committee, Threshold Standards Audit Committee and Wellness Committee.

Academic Governance is delegated to the UBSS Academic Senate by the GCA Board of Directors. This is evidenced in the GCA Board of Directors Constitution and also its delegation schedule.

Overview of UBSS is managed by the UBSS Senior Executive in association with the UBSS Academic Senate. The Academic Senate has in place several standing committees that further augment the expertise and capability of the operation.

Membership of these standing committees is appropriate. The chairs of the Grade Review Committee (GRC) and the Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) are both Senior Academic staffers and active members of the Academic Senate. The Chair of the CAC is an external industry expert.

The UBSS Academic Senate and the GCA Board of Directors is made up of active members of industry and academia. Members of the UBSS Senate and the GCA Board of Directors sit on other industry boards. This ensures that a cross fertilisation of ideas occurs across the Board/Senate/Standing Committees.

Course Advisory Committee


The Course Advisory Committee is a standing committee of the UBSS Academic Senate who ensure that UBSS’ Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Accounting and MBA programs are designed and continuously updated to reflect contemporary education, related industry conditions and modern practises.  As leaders, employers, experts and academics in their respective fields, each member of The Course Advisory Committee proactively revises each curriculum across all subjects to develop and deliver practical courses that prepare graduates for 21st-century business careers. They apply their external and internal expertise to advise on the following:

  • the currency of the courses
  • ensuring the courses meet the Higher Education Standards Framework 2021 requirements
  • matters relating to the quality assurance of courses

For more information see the UBSS Course Review Policy and UBSS Course Advisory Committee: Membership & Terms of Reference.

Chair - Simon Chhoeu
Dean UBSS - Professor Andy West
Secretary - Associate Professor Richard Xi
Member - Associate Professor Wayne Smithson
Member - Adjunct Professor Art Phillips
Member - Dr Cyril Jankoff
Member - Lawrence Potter
Member - Adjunct Professor Jamie Rigg
Member - Rahul Daga
Member - Bernadette Or
Member - Ashok Chanda
Member - Dennis Furini