UBSS commenced delivering online learning to address the COVID 19 situation in March 2020. UBSS has implemented its online learning in a short period of time and can now compare favorably with any online Business School. Below are the Learning Resources in place to support students at UBSS.


UBSS commenced delivering online learning to address the COVID 19 situation in March 2020. UBSS has implemented its online learning in a short period of time and can now compare favorably with any online Business School. Below are the Learning Resources in place to support students at UBSS.

Why Study at UBSS

Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS) is a member of Group Colleges Australia, a consortium of educational institutions. UBSS is the non-self
accrediting, higher education provider of GCA.

  • Australian education - Australian tertiary education ranks amongst the best in the world.                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Entrepreneurial focus - With an entrepreneurial focus, UBSS provides a learning environment for the entrepreneurs of the future.

  • Experienced lecturers - our passionate and experienced teaching staff have internationally recognized academic qualifications, professional memberships and recent commercial experience that provide a real-world focus for learning.

  • eLibrary - in keeping with best practice at major universities in Australia and overseas, UBSS students have access to online databases such
    as Proquest (, EBSCO Host (, Emerald (, Oxford Reference Online
    (, Informit ( and Gale (

  • Moodle - an elearning platform used internationally in 229 countries. Moodle is used for all subjects offered by UBSS. All subject materials are placed on Moodle and it is used as a learning resource by lecturing staff.

  • Interactive whiteboards – interactive whiteboards allow active student participation both in class and later, at home.

  • myGCA – international standard student management system. It allows students to access their academic details 24x7 via the internet.

  • Blackboard Collaborate - listen to the live lectures with learning content simultaneously. Blackboard offers a simple and reliable virtual classroom solution to power online teaching.

  • Learning Resources 
Why Study Online

Management Skills

Knowledge imparted in our MBA program extends out to developing managerial skills for students.  These skills provide the essentials for dealing with real-time situations pertaining to management and problem resolution.  You are not only equipped to enact a managerial role but also facilitated in grasping the core responsibilities of your organisation. "The MBA introduces students to the various business disciplines and prepares them for general management roles".

Developing business expertise

Our MBA provides an additional advantage for students from nonbusiness backgrounds. By earning an MBA degree, you increase your practical knowledge in the field of business administration. Even after completing your MBA, you can continue your doctorate in any other discipline. An MBA will give you the "chance to develop a wide range of general business knowledge and a broad base of technical skills in a relatively short period of time".

Starting your own business

An ideal MBA program helps you become business savvy. The skill set taught in the MBA provides you with hands-on training for dealing with real work business problems. Eventually, you can branch out as an independent entrepreneur: running your very own successful business. "Research has shown that the failure rate for small businesses started by MBAs is about 50 per cent less than the standard failure rate".

Competitive advantage

Our MBA program prepares students as highly qualified leaders.  The specialized skills and leadership qualities taught in MBA programs provide you with a competitive advantage over others.  Most of the leading business organisations prefer to hire MBAs for higher management positions. "Employers report that people who have undertaken an MBA tend to be more confident in the workplace, as well as more able to influence other workers, due to their high level of credibility".

Career Advancement

An MBA degree helps you quickly climb up the corporate ladder with a handsome salary package alongside a respectable designation. High-performing successful MBAs are more likely to reach top management levels of Fortune 500 companies and other corporate areas. "It is estimated that 70% of the MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers or board directors".

Job Security

An MBA degree provides a combination of elective and specialized courses that train candidates to handle complex business situations. Thus, having an MBA degree assures the sustainability of your job in the organisation. The demand for MBAs rides high even during a global economic recession. "MBA grads are desirable in any job market; an MBA will give you the opportunities you need to advance in the business world".

Career Change

An MBA provides you with the cushion of switching your career. An MBA with a particular specialization makes it easier for you to move across industries. "Many, if not most applicants to full-time MBA programs plan to make significant career changes, which is one of the reasons they are applying to business schools in the first place".

Business Connections and Networking

Social networking during the MBA academic term helps in establishing business contacts and referrals. In the long run, you can avail of these contacts to improve your business position in the market. "There are large opportunities for networking, especially if you choose to study on-campus, due to the wide range of lecturers and fellow students you will encounter".

Learning Resources
 # Online Learning Resource What UBSS has to Offer
1 Established
  • 20 Years plus
  • Incorporated in 1998
2 TEQSA Registered Yes
3 AQF Compliant Yes
4 Approved for overseas students
5 Fee Help Yes, Available
6 iHEA
industry body
7 Student Learning Portal A Learning Portal – Moodle which has all digital resources including;
  • Subject Introduction and Outline.
  • Student Leaning Notes
  • Topic wise power point packs.
  • Textbook information and recommended reading list
  • Reading materials, including journal articles.
  • Range of videos
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Online library access
  • Full details on assessment and guides
  • Subject planners and schedules
  • free subscription to Microsoft Office 365
8 Digital Library
  • Yes, UBSS online Library access, which includes
    • EBSCO
    • JSTOR
    • ProQuest
    • Sage
    • Emerald
    • Oxford reference
    • Informit Search
    • Gale Cengage Learning
9 Technology for webinars/ meetings
  • Microsoft Teams
    Teams is part of the Office 365 suite used for collaborating with others in channels and groups.
10 Lecture Delivery
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • An online virtual classroom where you can engage in lectures and tutorials with your lecturers and tutors, from anywhere via the internet.
  • Used by many unis.
11 Lecture Studios
  • Lecture Studios live broadcast of a lecture room.
12 Text Books
  • FREE - included in course fee.
  • The digitised online content is drawn from the prescribed text book containing all learning materials including;
    • Detailed Student Leaning Notes
    • Topic wise power point packs.
    • Range of quizzes for each topics
    • Range of case studies and supplementary reading.
  • This content is available free to students and is sufficient for student to learn subject and achieve its learning outcome without procuring a textbook from the market.
13 Student Mobile App
  • Yes
  • To access key resources and communication with classmates and lecturers
  • UBSS Mobile app is a complete mobile solution that allows you to quickly and easily stay connected to the things that matter. Access popular features of myGCA, quickly connect to your online timetable, check your important notifications, or schedule an appointment with your lecturer
14 Student Management System
  • Yes,
  • MYGCA Student Management uses CQ Connect
  • This technology is the secret to UBSS efficiency that allows it to offer a better student experience and also pass on the efficiencies in the form of lower costs to students.
  • Our cloud-based Student Management System (SMS) is specifically designed to provide a powerful student-centred service that manages the entire student lifecycle from enrolment through to graduation.
15 Flexible study Option
  • Yes,
  • UBSS can offer flexible study options including Online, to classroom and blended sessions.
16 Industry connect
  • Yes
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE) - disrupting the higher education agenda. Where students have an immediate exposure to highly acclaimed entrepreneurs and organisations, directly involved in business in Australia
  • Partnership with the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML)
17 Courses Accredited by Professional bodies
  • Yes
  • Professional Accreditation by CPA/CA (Accounting Stream)
18 Campus experience
  • Yes
  • Student can experience our CBD campus if they wish to
19 Fees
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GCBA)
    4 Subjects: = $1,995 x 4 = $7,980
    Text books free
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA)
    8 Subjects: $1,995 x 8 = $15,960
    Text books free

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    – 16 Subjects: $31,920
    Text books free
20 Credit transfer from other institutions



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