What Needs to Be On A HEP Website?
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What Needs to Be On A HEP Website?

A close look at a range of quality sites (benchmarking) and an acknowledgement of Threshold Standard (7.2) that requires ‘the existence of a readily accessible public description of the provider and its operation’ (compliance) has provided a comprehensive (and appropriate) set of domains that should be available to the public.

Ideally, there are five key domains, which need to be accessible.


About Us

This focus usually includes a welcome, a bit about the provider, an overview of governance, access to policies, and blogs/publications. My own organisation has all the elements on the site –

Welcome – https://www.ubss.edu.au/about-us/?tab=Welcome

About Us – https://www.ubss.edu.au/about-us/?tab=Mission

Governance – https://www.ubss.edu.au/about-us/?tab=Governance

Policies – https://www.ubss.edu.au/policies-and-procedures/?tab=Policies%20and%20Procedures

Blogs - https://www.ubss.edu.au/blog/

Media - https://www.ubss.edu.au/media-centre/



There should be sufficient detail about the courses on offer to enable viewers to gain an understanding of what is available - and enough detail embedded to make sensible decisions. My own organisation has ample detail available in this space –

Undergraduate - https://www.ubss.edu.au/undergraduate/

Postgraduate - https://www.ubss.edu.au/postgraduate/


Current Students

This section usually provides information for current students studying with the provider. My own institution has the key elements covered -

Student information – https://www.ubss.edu.au/student-central/

Access to Student Management System - https://isis3.isis-systems.com.au/login.aspx

Library resources available - https://www.ubss.edu.au/e-libraries/

Student Support - https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4647/ubss-student-handbook-2023.pdf

Registration and Accreditation - https://www.ubss.edu.au/registration-and-accreditation/?tab=TEQSA

Fees - https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4956/ubss-price-list-2024-undergraduate.pdf and https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4955/ubss-price-list-2024-postgraduate.pdf


Future Students

The essentials for future students are imperative. My own organisation has comprehensive information available to potential students –

Student information – https://www.ubss.edu.au/student-central/

Undergraduate brochure – https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4848/ubss-undergraduate-brochure-2023.pdf

Postgraduate brochure - https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4849/ubss-postgraduate-brochure-2023.pdf

How to apply – https://www.ubss.edu.au/application-form/

Fees – https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4956/ubss-price-list-2024-undergraduate.pdf and https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4955/ubss-price-list-2024-postgraduate.pdf


Our People

Providing some details on membership of key governance groups, and arguably, teaching staff is ideal. My own organisation has this in place –

GCA Board of Directors - https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4952/gca-board-of-directors.pdf

GCA Executive Management Team - https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4953/gca-executive-management-team.pdf

UBSS Academic Senate – https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4613/as-membership-july-2023.pdf

UBSS Teaching Staff - https://www.ubss.edu.au/our-people/?tab=The%20Academics


When considering what should be available on a HEP site - the essential components stress the need for easy access to information that will help existing students with their day-to-day operations and future students with sufficient detail to make sensible decisions.


Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley is Deputy Vice-Chancellor (UBSS) and Chief Executive Officer (GCA)