A Recipe for Growth and Success – Multiple Products, Multiple Sites and Multiple Modes of Delivery
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A Recipe for Growth and Success – Multiple Products, Multiple Sites and Multiple Modes of Delivery

I have long held the view (and have been vindicated on a number of occasions) that the fundamental ingredients for growth and development for Higher Education Providers are threefold – products, sites and modes – and in multiples.

See - Multiple products, locations and modes of delivery - https://www.ubss.edu.au/article/multiple-products-locations-and-modes-of-delivery/

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the HE Sector – but ‘as the dust settles’ - or perhaps more appropriately put – ‘as we emerge from the shadows’ – the focus on the three key elements will become even more important than ever as we attempt to return our businesses back to successful operations. The mix will require both investment and commitment.

My own institution has in place an appropriate Strategic Plan for the next few years(2024-2027) that is built on the three-element approach - https://www.ubss.edu.au/media/4979/ubss-strategic-plan-2024-2027.pdf


Multiple Products

My own institution has now in place eleven (11) products – still focussed on business studies – but becoming more diverse as we move forward.

The products include a – Master of Business Administration (Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma); Bachelor of Business (Associate Degree and Diploma); Bachelor of Accounting (Associate Degree and Diploma); Master of Business Administration Online; and a Doctor of Business Administration (in partnership with CRRU).

All products are currently accredited through the National Regulator and without conditions. An additional postgraduate award (with three sections) is in train and will provide a further three product options – taking the product tally to fourteen (14).

This diversity – within the same essential focus – is key to success now and into the future. Attempting to be ALL to ALL– is a recipe for failure.


Multiple Sites

My own institution now operates in four locations including – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Cyberspace (Virtual/Online). This mix has already had a positive impact on our post-COVID student numbers – essentially making growth possible through offering a diversity of locations.

A fifth location is on our radar sometime during 2024+.

A transnational joint initiative with CRRU (currently with a focus on our staff) provides a further location option offshore. If successful there may be a further opportunity of providing the Thailand/Australia hybrid option to our wider student community.


Multiple Modes of Delivery

As a consequence of the Federal Government’s decision to insist that international students return to face-to-face delivery, my own institution has followed the mandate and has returned to the traditional/conservative (and arguably outdated) mode on three of our campuses.

See - What does the Return to campus in T1, 2024 actually look like - https://www.ubss.edu.au/article/what-does-the-return-to-campus-in-t1-2024-actually-look-like/

Our fully online - MBA Online - initiative (more contemporary) commenced in T1, 2024 already attracting students from five states. It is envisaged that offshore students will engage throughout 2024 – making this an exciting option (and an important ingredient in the mix).

See - essential ingredients for effective online teaching and learning - https://www.ubss.edu.au/article/essential-ingredients-for-effective-online-teaching-and-learning/

Our joint venture with CRRU is a hybrid model – providing students with the option of either face-to-face or online – is in some ways the best of both worlds.

See - What is meant by ‘hybrid’ delivery and how does it work in higher education? - https://www.ubss.edu.au/article/what-is-meant-by-hybrid-delivery-and-how-does-it-work-in-higher-education/


The three-pronged approach to growth and diversity is fundamental to success. Maintaining quality and compliance across the programs is essential - and to this end, a Compliance Directorate has been put in place to ensure success.

See - The yellow line and the giraffe – a cautionary tale of compliance - https://www.ubss.edu.au/article/the-yellow-line-and-the-giraffe-a-cautionary-tale-of-compliance/


Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley is Deputy Vice-Chancellor (UBSS) and the Chief Executive Officer (GCA).