What Is the Meaning of Scholarship?
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What Is the Meaning of Scholarship?

Meaning of Scholarship

Scholarship and research are not the same thing. Scholarship is a broader and more comprehensive set of activities that enhance an academic’s teaching and learning prowess and profile.

Ernest Boyer (1990) argued that a range of activities are available – each important – and each contributes to an aspect of quality teaching and learning. In 2016 Greg Whateley aligned the Boyer thinking with that of UBSS and laid out a blueprint that provided a comprehensive and informed overview of scholarship at UBSS. It also meant that all staff should become scholarship active – but not necessarily in all of the domains.

The seven foci include –

Positions held

These positions may be internal or external and demonstrate a degree of leadership within the Sector.


These present excellent ways of ensuring currency within a given field – and at the same time provide ample opportunity for networking.

Conferences and Symposia

Attendance and/or presentation at conferences and symposia provides the opportunity to either share learning and teaching experiences or learn from the experiences of others.

Articles and Papers

Expressing opinions and viewpoints is an important part of professional life. Publications can range from magazine articles to refereed journals – all part of the scholarship model.


In order to maintain currency short courses and professional development sessions can be extremely useful.

Teaching at other institutions

Teaching in other institutions provides an exceptional opportunity for benchmarking and moderation.

Formal courses

Enrolling in a formal course at the doctorate, master’s or graduate certificate level can also provide valuable support and framework for personal and professional development.


Scholarship, then, incorporates a range of activities – all important – that assist a professor with maintaining currency in order to enhance teaching and learning. The idea is to embrace a number of the foci – not necessarily all of them - in a given calendar year on an ongoing basis.


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Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of GCA.