The Campus Director – A Key Role in A Multi-Campus Environment
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The Campus Director – A Key Role in A Multi-Campus Environment

Having managed a range of multi-campus scenarios (up to 7 at one institution) I know too well the importance of the role of the Campus Director (sometimes referred to as Provost) and how critical that role is to the well-being and smooth operation of campuses within a single institution – particularly when they have distance between them.

At my own organisation, we currently have three campuses – spread across three States – making the responsibility ever so much more important. Located in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide – the notion of ensuring the necessary protocols is essential. It is vital to maintain the ‘local’ issues and flavour – but equally important to ensure one School – with three locations.

In the case of Group Colleges Australia – 1 school – 2 program levels – and 3 locations. One could argue it is as simple as 1 2 3 -


Role of the Campus Director

At each site, we have in place a senior staffer who has the responsibility for maintaining the campus – with a special emphasis, at the moment, on COVID-safe practices given the mandated return of international students to campus.

What does the return to Campus in T1, 2024 actually look like? -

The role, then, of the Campus Directors is summarised in the following elements –


Plan, manage and control all aspects of the campus day-to-day operations (with the Duty Manager/Officers) to ensure that operational plans are executed;

Develop and foster effective collaboration between building management, security, cleaners, team of duty officers and suppliers for smooth campus maintenance and an effective operational environment;

Maintain and implement plans to establish safety standards (WHS) that are clear and observable – Campus Directors are full members of the GCA WHS Committee;

Assume the role of COVID Marshall for the campus – ensuring that COVID-safe protocols are in place and adhered to by all stakeholders;

Identify operational areas that could be improved or enhanced through technological, organisational and process changes – and make the appropriate recommendations to Senior Management (EMT) - and action accordingly;

Oversee the Orientation process on campus each trimester.


Though not exhaustive, the elements give a good indication of the role and the associated expectations. Ensuring a positive campus experience – for both staff and students – is a vital element of the work.


A Senior Position in The Larger Organisation

Campus Directors are sitting members of the Executive Management Team (EMT) reporting directly to the DVC and CEO. This is a standing committee of the GCA Board of Directors.

Each month, Campus Directors provide an updated Business Unit Report (BUR). This report is comprehensive and deals with a range of topics including risk and health/safety.


Introducing the Campus Directors at UBSS

Three senior staffers are in place in 2024 -

Sydney CBD Campus – Associate Professor Jotsana Roopram

Associate Professor Jotsana Roopram





Melbourne CBD Campus – Associate Professor Sean O’Hanlon

Associate Professor Sean O’Hanlon





Adelaide Regency Campus/UBSS Virtual Campus – Professor Ashok Chanda

Professor Ashok Chanda



Professor Chanda also oversees the Virtual Campus that supports the Online MBA program


As a community, we are most grateful to these key players and their role in maintaining the best campus experience possible – for students, staff and stakeholders. They also ensure that appropriate corporate governance is maintained.

For more about Corporate Governance at GCA see -


Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at UBSS and Chief Executive Officer at GCA