Key Dates and Sessions 


30/11 to 2/12 Organisational Behaviour Sydney
22/2 to 24/2 Management Attributes and Skills Sydney
26/4 to 28/4 Innovation and Commercialisation  Sydney
28/6 to 30/6 Entrepreneurship Research Project Sydney
30/8 to 1/9 Organisational Behaviour Sydney
1/11 to 3/11 Management Attributes and Skills Sydney
21/2 to 23/2 Innovation and Commercialisation Sydney
24/4 to 26/4 Entrepreneurship Research Project Sydney
26/6 to 28/6 Organisational Behaviour Sydney
28/8 to 30/8 Management Attributes and Skills  Sydney
30/10 to 1/11 Innovation and Commercialisation  Sydney
19/2 to 21/2 Entrepreneurship Research Project Sydney
23/4 to 25/4 Organisational Behaviour Sydney
25/6 to 27/6 Management Attributes and Skills Sydney
27/8 to 29/8 Innovation and Commercialisation Sydney
29/10 to 31/10 Entrepreneurship Research Project  Sydney

Inspiring the next generation of business professionals

Like the graduates we teach, our staff is equally diverse. They’re at the forefront of their disciplines and grounded in the realities of their chosen field. 
Meet the leadership team of UBSS below.

Professor Greg Whateley

Executive Dean – Provost

Jotsana Roopram

Executive Officer – Academic Governance & Operations

Associate Professor Andy West

Director - Centre For Entrepreneurship

Associate Prof. Felix Stravens

Program Director – Bachelor of Business Program

Associate Prof. Wayne Smithson

Program Director - Bachelor of Accounting Program

Professor Ray Hayek

Program Director – Master of Business Administration

Assistant Professor Kim Sharma

Lead eLearning Developer; Lecturer – Bachelor of Business Program

Assistant Professor Richard Xi

Post-graduate Coordinator; Lecturer – Bachelor of Business Program

Madilina Tresca

Learning Support Coordinator