Student Success Stories: Pursuing an Online MBA in Australia from India
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Student Success Stories: Pursuing an Online MBA in Australia from India

Thinking about getting an MBA degree? In today's competitive market, an MBA could come in incredibly handy in case you're already in the business industry or want to get into one. MBA courses in Australia for international students take 12 to 24 months to complete. If you’re from India and looking for a flexible online MBA program, look no further than the Universal Business School (UBBS) in Australia. Our faculty is undoubtedly one of the best MBA colleges in Australia to get your degree.


When it comes to UBBS, our course is the best online MBA course in Australia. Let's hear from those happy faces who've already taken the plunge with an online MBA course in Australia from UBSS:


Meet Usman Sindhu

Usman Sindhu is from Pakistan and went to UBBS to pursue an MBA. Usman completed his MBA from UBBS in August 2017. As a student, he said that he got his value for money at UBBS. The direct interaction between the students and the highly qualified teachers was the best thing according to him. The teachers are the best in their fields, doing everything they can to help out the students. Now that he has got his degree, he wants to recommend his friends and family to pursue an MBA from UBBS in Australia.


Meet Cindy Bandao

Cindy Bandao is from the Philippines and she also can't stop talking about her experience at UBBS. For her, the best experience came from the teachers and staff. She said that they all were so inspiring and always encouraged students to do their best, both in terms of studies and beyond. They helped her whenever she needed anything.


Meet Sherwin Jay Ian Manalang

Sherwin Jay Ian Manalang is also from the Philippines and he can’t stop bragging about the wonderful resources and facilities offered by UBBS. Even during the horrible COVID-19 era, they had no problem adapting to changes because of their world-class technologies. They were one of those go-getters who took prompt action to implement online learning in Sydney. However, the quality of education has never been jeopardized even back then.


Meet Srikirankumar Bandaru

Kiran is from India and he got his degree in 2021. When we asked him about his experience, he couldn't say a word! He just said that he was speechless at that moment, and waiting for it since he came to Australia.


Meet Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh came to Australia from India three years before he finally got his degree in 2021. Getting to Australia was a bit tough for him, but once he got in at UBBS, it was a life-changing experience.


Why UBSS's online MBA program is the right choice for you?

Does this sound like you? Are you a dreamer, aspirer and based in India? Want the benefits of an Australian MBA with the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you like? Then stop hesitating and join the exceptional batch of students and teachers at UBBS.

 Here's why UBSS's online MBA program is the right choice for you:

  • World-class education: Learn from experienced Australian academics and industry experts.
  • Flexibility: Study whenever, wherever – balance work, family, and your education.
  • Global network: Connect with students and professionals from around the world.
  • Career advancement: An online MBA from UBSS boosts your income opportunity and opens up exciting career opportunities.


We know what you're thinking right now. The thought about MBA course fees in Australia might be what's bothering you. How about you check our website today to learn more? In case you’re ready to take the plunge, apply through the online portal.