Cliches – Tired, But Worth Thinking Through and Applying
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Cliches – Tired, But Worth Thinking Through and Applying

Over many years a number of cliches have been created that attempt to work as motivation for business operators and at the same time work as mission statements or creeds. They are usually concise – to the point – and hopefully have some kind of resonance inside the institutions they are used. By definition they have grown tired – but they may still have some relevance.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Good advice in reality. Often when we start to get a little overwhelmed, we try and do too much too fast – which usually does not end well. The secret is to think things through – and where possible reduce the load by using multi-purpose strategies, recycling and a calm relaxed approach.


Under Promise and Over Deliver

This in fact is very good advice and not a bad code to work by. Think through your promises or projections carefully – and do not overpromise. The receiver is frequently disappointed if their expectations – created by you in the first place – are not delivered. Always better to deliver better than promised. It seems like such a simple concept – but you would be surprised how often it is disregarded by over-enthusiastic punters.


Be The Change You Want to See

This is an interesting swing on the notion that - you need to not only talk about change and the value of it – but also be part of the change and provide evidence that you are personally committed. It is not good enough to ‘talk’ about it – you have to ‘walk’ it as well. Change is always difficult – but it can be achieved through a genuine commitment.


It Is a Win-Win Situation

Ideally, everyone should win. By providing options where both parties actually have an advantage (win) everyone is happy – satisfied. The implication, then, is no one has to actually lose in a negotiation – everyone can in fact be a winner – it just takes a little more time and thinking through.


Think Outside the Box

Always a good idea to consider alternatives and extra options. The notion of not limiting the creative elements is always a good idea. For some, this is a huge challenge for others not so difficult. Wherever possible look at options and opportunities and do not be fearful of change and creativity.


Breakdown Silos

Fundamentally good advice. If you can work co-operatively and effectively in any endeavour it is usually a much better scenario than working separately – in silos. COVID-19 is largely to blame for this in most recent times – where we were encouraged to work apart and isolated. Current office arrangements (individual offices) can work against this – it is important to get up and interface whenever possible.


Failure Is Not an Option

Remember – best to remain positive at all times – and whenever possible and feasible avoid failure. Sometimes compromise comes into the equation – but the key element is actually optimism and a positive attitude.

Cliches can be annoying in truth – but they can also encapsulate some positive thinking and well-being. Embrace the statements – make them a mantra – and always err on the side of positivity.


Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (UBSS) and Chief Executive Officer (GCA).