Choosing The Right Institution and MBA
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Choosing The Right Institution and MBA

Choosing the right place to do your MBA is really important, so too the subjects and focus of the award. There are five key considerations –

1. Do your research from the outset. Explore all the options and slowly reduce the number of choices systematically and carefully. You cannot spend too much time on this issue – stay focused. Consider matters such as cost, philosophy, and mode of delivery for starters. Disregard University rankings – they are misleading. There are so many options to choose from – so a diligent, considered and careful consideration is essential.

2. Use collected data available from the Australian government through its Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching – – choose the Student Experience Survey (SES); work your way through the Post Graduate responses; focus on domains such as Learner Engagement; Student Support; and Quality of Teaching. The SES/QILT site combines feedback from thousands of students across the country who in turn have ranked all participating institutions across a number of key domains. A lot of the work has been done for you – so, this is a most valuable resource – and free of charge!

3. Find an MBA that has the subjects that you need or interest you. Most MBA programs have a CORE (usually 8 subjects) and then one, two or three options to choose from. These choices are often called either MAJORS or STREAMS. The value of the core program is that it provides all students with the essentials. The streams provide further focus which is often determined by career options – real or projected.

4. Narrow down the options. This can be harder than it sounds. Ideally, if you can get your choices down to two or three options you have done well. Location, mode of teaching and the student experience survey are key considerations for you to consider. Once you are close to a decision spend time exploring both the online and printed resources (if any) for each of the institutions you have shortlisted. You should consider making contact with the institution

5. Stay with the MBA award – ‘the real deal’ – do not be seduced by lesser awards. There are a number of programs available including a range of master’s degrees that cover a range of subjects – but nothing beats the MBA. It is an internationally recognised award that has currency wherever you travel or plan to work.


Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley is Deputy Vice-Chancellor, GCA.