UBSS Online

UBSS commenced delivering online learning to address the COVID 19 situation in March 2020. UBSS has implemented its online learning in a short period of time and can now compare favorably with any online Business School. Below are the Learning Resources in place to support students at UBSS.

UBSS Online

UBSS commenced delivering online learning to address the COVID 19 situation in March 2020. UBSS has implemented its online learning in a short period of time and can now compare favorably with any online Business School. Below are the Learning Resources in place to support students at UBSS.

Why Study at UBSS

At UBSS, we provide the aspiring entrepreneurs of Australia and beyond with the right set of skills, knowledge, practical expertise and tools they need to achieve success in all of their future business endeavours.

By providing our students with an online learning option, we further meet the needs of busy business professionals and aspiring leaders by offering them the ultimate flexibility, together with the opportunity to study in their own unique way – around their timetable.

The courses we offer at UBSS are designed to complement all forms of study, whether that be online, in-person, or a mixture of both. There’s also the option to transition into a different delivery mode (from online to in-person or in-person to online) throughout a student’s entire time at our school. This means the choice is always yours to decide how you want to learn.

If you choose to study at UBSS online, you can be sure that you will still receive the same high level of education that you would receive in person, and vice versa. For instance, all learning resources are easily accessible online through our established e-libraries as well as on campus.

Lecturers and support staff are readily available through the UBSS mobile student app, where online Teams appointments can be scheduled through your mobile, or queries can be brought forward through the live chat feature.

As well as this, online classes can also be accessed via the UBSS mobile app, meaning that students do not have to use a desktop or laptop to attend their classes virtually. Online classes at UBSS are also fully interactive, meaning our students can actively engage with their lecturer or tutor during the class, rather than just watching a live stream.

The courses offered at UBSS specialise in business entrepreneurship. To augment their studies, students can benefit from our invaluable partnerships with both the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE) and the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML).

At UBSS, we aim to foster a conducive entrepreneurial environment, both on campus and online. Through this environment, we can provide the building blocks for success to the ambitious business leaders of the future.

World-class facilities
Why Study Online

Online learning is available with all of the educational programs offered here at UBSS.  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, UBSS worked to move all learning online, minimally disrupting the study of their students. During this transition, we build a state-of-the-art online learning system that offers top tier digital learning availabilities.  While the option to study on campus is now available again, UBSS still allows its students to study online at their choice. Our online MBA students still receive the same top-class education, delivered by advanced technology, helping to set them up on the path to business success.

Now that studying online has become the norm, some key advantages have emerged. A recent paper titled “The Efficacy of Online Studies: Addressing the Student Dilemma” has outlined a number of ways in which online learning is more effective from the student’s point of view. The paper found that online learning means reduced stress for the student as online programs are designed to be much more flexible.

At UBSS, we have designed our online learning so that our online MBA students can learn at their own pace and around their busy schedules. This means students can spend more time with the subjects that require more attention and move faster over the topics they feel satisfied with. In this way, online learning has also been proven to help students learn more than they would in the traditional course setting.

Online learning also provides greater control and less time investment from students. With UBSS’ innovative mobile app, our online MBA students can access their classes at a time that is convenient for them. They no longer have to be physically in the class at a certain time and date, meaning they can work around their other life commitments and use their time more efficiently.

This research paper also found that online learning levels the playing field in the classroom. Some students in the classroom may struggle because they are shy, or the classroom may be dominated by students who are more comfortable with attention and asking questions. With UBSS’ online learning, our mobile app allows MBA students to interact and engage with their lecturers and tutors both in real-time during classes, as well as outside of classroom time. Students can schedule appointments with their lecturers one-on-one using Microsoft Teams and use the opportunity to better comprehend their study topics.

Studying online at UBSS is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn everything they need to know about the business world. Through our online learning systems and the UBSS mobile app, UBSS is here to help the next generation of business professionals every step of the way to ensure that they have the right opportunities to succeed in all their future endeavours.

World-class facilities
Learning Resources

Learning Resources - Connect features found in the table to some of these aspects of successful implementation of learning resources;
leadership support – moving resources to be fully online requires organisational change and training; ensuring all resources support pedagogical requirements and awareness through educational policy and planning;
Importance of content digitisation – both online learning technologies and online digitised content is integrated so that the delivery of learning resources or communication between lecturers & students is well established; having resources which build strong student support and enhance engagement.

At UBSS, we aim to give our entrepreneurial students every opportunity to succeed in the business world.

We provide:

 # Online Learning Resource What UBSS has to Offer
1 Established
  • 20 Years plus
  • Incorporated in 1998
2 TEQSA Registered Yes
3 AQF Compliant Yes
4 Approved for overseas students
5 Fee Help Yes, Available
6 iHEA
industry body
7 Student Learning Portal A Learning Portal – Moodle which has all digital resources including;
  • Subject Introduction and Outline.
  • Student Leaning Notes
  • Topic wise power point packs.
  • Textbook information and recommended reading list
  • Reading materials, including journal articles.
  • Range of videos
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Online library access
  • Full details on assessment and guides
  • Subject planners and schedules
  • free subscription to Microsoft Office 365
8 Digital Library
  • Yes, UBSS online Library access, which includes
    • EBSCO
    • JSTOR
    • ProQuest
    • Sage
    • Emerald
    • Oxford reference
    • Informit Search
    • Gale Cengage Learning
9 Technology for webinars/ meetings
  • Microsoft Teams
    Teams is part of the Office 365 suite used for collaborating with others in channels and groups.
10 Lecture Delivery
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • An online virtual classroom where you can engage in lectures and tutorials with your lecturers and tutors, from anywhere via the internet.
  • Used by many unis.
11 Lecture Studios
  • Lecture Studios live broadcast of a lecture room.
12 Text Books
  • FREE - included in course fee.
  • The digitised online content is drawn from the prescribed text book containing all learning materials including;
    • Detailed Student Leaning Notes
    • Topic wise power point packs.
    • Range of quizzes for each topics
    • Range of case studies and supplementary reading.
  • This content is available free to students and is sufficient for student to learn subject and achieve its learning outcome without procuring a textbook from the market.
13 Student Mobile App
  • Yes
  • To access key resources and communication with classmates and lecturers
  • UBSS Mobile app is a complete mobile solution that allows you to quickly and easily stay connected to the things that matter. Access popular features of myGCA, quickly connect to your online timetable, check your important notifications, or schedule an appointment with your lecturer
14 Student Management System
  • Yes,
  • MYGCA Student Management uses CQ Connect
  • This technology is the secret to UBSS efficiency that allows it to offer a better student experience and also pass on the efficiencies in the form of lower costs to students.
  • Our cloud-based Student Management System (SMS) is specifically designed to provide a powerful student-centred service that manages the entire student lifecycle from enrolment through to graduation.
15 Flexible study Option
  • Yes,
  • UBSS can offer flexible study options including Online, to classroom and blended sessions.
16 Industry connect
  • Yes
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE) - disrupting the higher education agenda. Where students have an immediate exposure to highly acclaimed entrepreneurs and organisations, directly involved in business in Australia
  • Partnership with the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML)
17 Courses Accredited by Professional bodies
  • Yes
  • Professional Accreditation by CPA/CA (Accounting Stream)
18 Campus experience
  • Yes
  • Student can experience our CBD campus if they wish to
19 Fees
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GCBA)
    4 Subjects: = $1,995 x 4 = $7,980
    Text books free
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA)
    8 Subjects: $1,995 x 8 = $15,960
    Text books free

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    – 16 Subjects: $31,920
    Text books free
20 Credit transfer from other institutions
Lecture Studio Demos

Lecture Studio Demos - All staff and students at UBSS embrace change and technology. In the early weeks of trimester 2, 2020, during the peak of COVID-19, UBSS integrated Blackboard Collaborate, a platform designed specifically for online education, hence also the birth of the lecture studios. Blackboard Collaborate provides two-way audio, multi-point video, an interactive whiteboard, application and desktop sharing, breakout sharing and session recording, as well as an attractive environment for hosting club meetings and creating a collaborative workspace for students. Staff and students were quick to embrace this software. The focus on sustaining a high standard of teaching and learning was evidenced in the conversion of the generic classroom into lecture studios. Below are demos of staff in their forte and confidently utilising the technology.

Lecture Studio Demo - Assistant Prof. Harry Tse

Master of Adult Education, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business,
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (Teaching & Learning), Basic Methods of Instruction (BMI)

Lecture Studio Demo - Dr. Frank Alafaci

PhD, Doctor of Letters, MA (Hons), BA (Hons),
Certificate IV TAE (LLN) in Assessment and Workplace Training,
Certificate in Developing, Using and Reviewing Training and Assessment Strategies,
Certificate in Advanced Moodle Training, Certificate IV TAE in Assessment and Workplace Training,
Certificate IV BSK in Assessment and Workplace Training For Small Groups,
Certificate IV (BSK in Planning, Conduct and Review of Assessment Procedures,
Certificate in Tertiary Teaching Skills.

Lecture Studio Demo - Associate Professor Felix Stravens

DBA, MBA, Grad Dip Fin Mgt, Grad Dip Mkt Mgt, Fellow Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK,
Fellow Australian Marketing Institute, Certified Practicing Marketer,
Fellow Institute of Managers and Leaders

Lecture Studio Demo - Assistant Professor Ajay Kumar

Master of Commerce (Majoring in Marketing, Government and Business Relations),
Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Management, Tourism, and Public Administration),
Foundation of Teaching and Learning Certificate,
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education,
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment,
Certificate in Attainment 1V in Training and Assessment,
Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management,
Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM),
Fellow of Australian Marketing Institute

Lecture Studio Demo - Dr. Syed Uddin

PhD, Master of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce (First Class Honours),
CERT IV in Workplace Training, Grad Cert in Education (Tertiary Education)

Lecture Studio Demo - Associate Prof. Wayne Smithson

Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Accounting,
Diploma of the Institute of Company Directors - Graduate member,
Diploma for Securities Institute of Australia (now FINSIA),
Diploma Company Secretaries Association,
Certificate IV in Mortgage Lending, Certified Practising Accountant,
Fellow Institute of Managers and Leaders (formerly Australian Institute of Management),
Graduate Member Australian Institute of Directors,
Chartered Manager – Chartered Managers Institute (London)

Lecture Studio Demo - Assistant Prof. Lu Jiao

PhD Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Accounting & Finance
Fellow of Institute of Managers and Leaders, Member of CAANZ

Lecture Studio Demo - Fadi Darazi

Lecture Studio Demo - Dr. Sudhir Lodh

PhD (Accounting), MBA (Accounting & Finance), Masters of Commerce (Accounting),
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Member of the CPA Australia at the level of FCPA,

Member of the Pacioli Society, USYD

Lecture Studio Demo - Zahra Sadeghinejad

PhD in Management, Master of Business Administration (First Class Honours),
Bachelor of Science (Statistics)

Lecture Studio Demo - Adjunct Professor Art Phillips

Master of Music Studies – Griffith University, Queensland Conservatorium of Music

Lecture Studio Demo - Nisha Dookie

Lecture Studio Demo - Dr. Nilima Paul

Graduate Certificate of Education (Tertiary Education),
Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting, Master of Commerce in Accounting,
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting,
Member of the National Tax and Accountants Association,
Member of the Australian Institute of Training and development,
Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers,
Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians

Lecture Studio Demo - Igor Bosma

MBA, Graduate Diploma of Management, Graduate Certificate of Corporate Management,
VELG Training / Consulting Member

Lecture Studio Demo - Dr. Jessica Chen

PhD Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) with Honours

Lecture Studio Demo - Kaneez Selim

Lecture Studio Demo - Dr. Kay Naumann

Doctor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Commerce Marketing - Honours,
Bachelor of Commerce - Marketing

Lecture Studio Demo - Nadeem Tahir

Currently undertaking PhD, Master of Accounting, Master of Business Administration,
CPA Australia

Lecture Studio Demo - Jim Lim

Lecture Studio Demo - Stephen Parker

Graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors,
Leadership Development Program – London Business School,
Bachelor of Science with Honours

Lecture Studio Demo - Natasha Jacques

MBA, MIML, CPA Ambassador, Associate member of the Research Society of Australia

Lecture Studio Demo - Suzanne Cameron

MBA, Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management

Lecture Studio Demo - Assistant Prof. Labibah Burki

Master of Forensic Accounting, Master of Accounting, Master of Science (Botany),
Bachelor of Science (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry), Advanced Diploma of Accounting,
Advanced Diploma of Business, Advanced Diploma of Management,
Diploma of Business Administration, Diploma of Human Resources Management,
Certificate IV in Government Investigations, Certificate IV Training and Assessment

Lecture Studio Demo - Satha Pillay

Lecture Studio Demo - Danny Bigatton

PhD (Business) proposal submitted, Masters of Commerce (Banking & Accounting),
Bachelor of Economics (Accounting / Economics / Commercial Law),
Member ISACA, Member Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

Lecture Studio Demo - Mohammad Akbar

MBA – Professional Accounting, MBA – Marketing, Bachelor of Business Administration,
Certificate IV - Training and Education, CPA Australia - Associate Member

Lecture Studio Demo - Leanne McCoy

Lecture Studio Demo - Richard Xi

Certificate in Economics, Certificate in Business, Diploma of Business (Accounting Major),

Diploma of Interpretation (English and Chinese), Diploma of German Studies,

Bachelor of Hotel Management, Graduate Certificate in Tourism Management (Senior Executive),

Graduate Certificate in China Studies, Graduate Certificate in Business Administration,

Master of Arts (Asian Studies).

Lecture Studio Demo - Jon Temporal

Graduate Diploma in Australian Law, Bachelor of Law

Lecture Studio Demo - Dr. Mavi Glinoga

Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing, Master of Business, Bachelor of Commerce,
Member of The Australian Market and Social Research Society