Trimester 3 2020 Supplementary Exam.

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Test & Exam Information

The UBSS Student Guide to Exams contains important information which all students should read prior to attending  any test or exam, including:

  • Students responsibilities
  • What materials students can bring into the test/exam
  • What materials are prohibited from taking into the test/exam 
  • Information regarding student conduct before, during and after exams
  • Steps students a required to take in case they are sick and cannot attend the test/exams

Students Guide to Exams

Important Information about exams:

  • Reading the timetable and other important information correctly is your responsibility.
  • If you miss an exam due to medical reasons, you are only permitted to apply for a supplementary exam with a valid medical document and within 5 days of missing the exam.
  • You must have access to a laptop or PC as you will not be able to access online exams on your mobile device.
  • Microsoft word software needs to be available on your laptop or PC
  • Please check that your Wi-Fi/network connection is reliable.
  • Please check your Moodle access prior to the start of your exam.
  • You must submit your exam paper through Moodle using the submission link. Blank, incorrect or corrupt files/ exam papers will not be accepted for marking.
  • Exam file submissions by email will not be accepted.
  • Late exam file submissions will not be accepted.
  • All exams will be submitted through TURNITIN before marking. Exams with a similarity index of more than 20% will be subject to investigation by your lecturer and reported to the Academic Integrity Committee, who may decide on a zero grade for your exam.
  • An email address has been set up for students who have questions and/or need to report exam related issues. Please report technical issues immediately when they occur during the exam.
  • This email address is only active during the exam weeks. exams@ubss.edu.au   When using this email address, please include your student number, name and subject code, and attach screenshots, where necessary.
  • Please review the Students Guide to Exams carefully, as this highlights important information regarding online exams. An Examinations Policy and Guidelines is also available in the policies section of the website, for your reference.