Subject Selection
Subject Selection
Subject Selection
Subject Selection
Subject Selection

Subject selection is the process by which students choose subjects each trimester.  Based on similar practices in higher education institutions, subject selection is available for a period of time and then closes.  Only registered and financial students can select subjects. Students can only select subjects that are relevant to their course.

Financial Obligation

No awards or transcripts will be issued to students who have not paid for all units studied (and this includes failed units). Students must be financial for all subjects studied in order to view their results and have access to MyGCA and Moodle.

Course Planning

Choosing the correct subjects is the students responsibility and we advise that you check against your course plan listed on MyGCA or on the UBSS website - see Course Info page. NOTE: This is essential for Bachelor of Business major requirements.

MBA Students

  • You must successfully complete 10 units before attempting the Entrepreneurship report
  • Managerial Finance must be successfully completed before Small Business simulation.

International students 

International students must undertake a full-time study load according to the ESOS National Code Guidelines, which at UBSS is:
Students must complete 8 units per academic year (3 units in Trimester 1 and 2 and two units in the Trimester 3) (8 units x 3 year course = 24 units) as a strategy to ensure you finish within your CoE period.

You should be aware that Academic Progress and maintaining a normal study load of 8 units per academic year is a requirement of your visa. The College is required to report you to the Department of Immigration if you fail to make academic progress, and can cancel your enrolment and CoE if you refuse to undertake a full-time study load, unless the Executive Dean has granted you permission to reduce your load due to compelling or compassionate circumstances or because you are undertaking an academic intervention strategy.