Sydney Campus - Location

The UBSS campus  is situated  in the World  Square precinct:

Level 10, 233 Castlereagh Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

UBSS is in the heart of the city, conveniently located near shopping venues, restaurants and famous Sydney attractions such as Hyde Park, Darling  Harbour and Chinatown.

It is easily accessible - being just a five-minute walk to Town Hall station, and a two-minute walk from Museum station.

Places to know

When you’re a UBSS student, these frequently visited spots quickly become familiar haunts.

Sydney Campus - Facilities

The UBSS campus is equipped to handle 2,000 students, and features:

Modern spacious classrooms
Computer labs
Free printing and copying facilities
Interactive Whiteboards
Quiet rooms for studying
Student Information and IT support services
Free Wi-Fi


Interactive Whiteboards

UBSS uses cutting edge Interactive Whiteboards technology in its classrooms to maximise the learning potential for students.

All classrooms are fitted out with Interactive Whiteboards that allow active student participation, both in class and later, at home.

All lesson materials written on the board is saved and uploaded to Moodle (online-learning platform) to view at home.

Why Use Interactive Whiteboards?

• Ideas and changes can be added, saved and captured
without losing the original concept

• Any computer-based program can be accessed
and used as a learning tool in the classroom:
eg. Powerpoint, Excel, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc.

• The internet can be accessed as a resource in class
• Interactive activities involve students in the teaching
learning cycle in the classroom

• Graphics and colours allow students to explore
their creativity

• Multimedia enhanced learning


Full Microsoft Office suite plus Microsoft Teams

Students have access to the full suite of Microsoft Office applications (version 2016), as well as the Microsoft Teams collaboration and videoconferencing system.


CQ Queue Management System

UBSS utilises the CQ Queue Management System which allows students to:

Take virtual tickets to join the Student Services queue

Receive notifications when their ticket is about to be called

Book appointments to see UBSS staff


Free Wi-Fi

Free and unlimited internet access is available throught the entire UBSS campus via Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connection is backed by a high-speed fibre connection (500Mbit) which ensures fast internet access at all times. Students are welcome to bring their own devices.

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