Why graduations are important

Why graduations are important

Why Graduations are important

Graduation is an important event and milestone that acknowledges the completion of a formal degree. It is important throughout our lives to celebrate both the small and the big things – graduation is a major celebration of a big achievement.

Important to the student

It is important to any student because it acknowledges completion – and provides a sense of punctuation – more a comma than a full stop. I say comma, rather than full stop, because many graduates will go on to complete further studies and probably have a number of graduation opportunities in their life-long learning journey.

Important to parents and family

Graduation is also important for parents and family. In the case of parents/family who have made sacrifices to ensure that their children and family members have been able to achieve their academic goal/s the event provides a high level of satisfaction. Most institutions stream the event so that family members – near and far – can watch and participate as much as possible.

Work hard and enjoy

So work hard – complete all your assessments to the best of your ability – act with integrity – and enjoy your graduation ceremony

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Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley is the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Academic) at Group Colleges Australia