The Third Place - UBSS Executive Campus at the Primus Hotel

The Third Place - UBSS Executive Campus at the Primus Hotel

For centuries there has been the ‘Third Place’. In Roman times people went to the Forum, the Salon in Paris and Country Clubs in the UK. “The Third Place” is at the heart of any thriving society. A place of community togetherness distinctively away from home and work, where people can come together to network, forming connections and nurturing relationships.

The Third Place is also the place for the sharing of thoughts, the opportunity to bounce ideas around, to share knowledge and insights on the world. The new generation “Third Place” centres now include multiple spaces with different social and functional dimensions. With the rise of the digital world’s increase of knowledge-based economy, we are witnessing the combination of residential and commercial buildings, cafeterias, cultural, sports and leisure facilities, as well as the rise of business incubators, coworking spaces that enhance the economic development of knowledge.

The Third Place for Executives is the hotels lobbies, conference centres and airport lounges of the world. It is here the influence and decision making are made whilst in networking and information sharing.

UBSS Executive Delivery has the perfect Third Place venue.

The Primus Hotel is the venue where our Executive delivery post graduate courses are held. This environment continues to enrich and impact our student’s overall learning experience, away from home and work.  Our flexible post graduate programs speak for themselves. They are held on in 3 day block intensive workshop mode at the five star Primus Hotel. Everything is included in the tuition fee. We have incorporated scheduled morning and afternoon breaks, including lunch as well as the tutorial sessions.

Students can come together and enjoy the ambience of learning within a social ‘Third Place” higher education setting, allowing the creativity to permeate their learning/study experience in a place they can call their own! Separate from their busy lives.

Our visiting Entrepreneurs and Lecturers provide stimulating and experiential education, advice and coaching, ensuring an appropriate balance of tutorial and lecture-style learning experiences. The design of the room allows collaboration.