The importance of staying in touch

The importance of staying in touch

Communicating regularly with family and friends back home

If you are an international student studying in Australia or for that matter a domestic student living away from home the importance of staying in touch with family and loved ones cannot be over emphasised – it is critical. It provides a level of stress relief at both ends – providing a calmness and sense of ease.

Needs to be regular

The best kind of communication – whether it be by phone, email, text, or social media link – is when it is regular. Weekly contact is ideal – and no doubt enormously appreciated.

Studying overseas

Studying overseas has its own set of challenges – and the need for regular communication with those back at home becomes even more essential and pronounced. My own experiences were stressful at times – and letters and postcards were the go in my day – but it really was important for my own sanity and those at home. The opportunity for more frequent communication is now easier than ever – so make the most of it.

Advice given

I remember the best advice I ever heard was in two parts – work hard (always a good suggestion and an excellent mantra to follow) and the second was take care of your mother (which could be developed a little further to include the rest of the family as well). Sound, well thought through and essentially - great advice.

Make contact now

If you are reading this blog – the minute you finish – get on the phone/email and say hello to the ones you love. Don’t think about it – just do it!

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Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley is the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Academic) at Group Colleges Australia