Mentoring to Launch Your Entrepreneur Career

Mentoring to Launch Your Entrepreneur Career

“Launching careers for entrepreneurs” is one of the missions of UBSS. Whether that be via a new startup, further advance as an entrepreneur or as an intrapreneur within an organisation, UBSS is here to support our students reach their goals.

Through their studies at UBSS, students learn from academics the knowledge and skills of business. Also, from entrepreneur practitioners and subject matter experts to provide insights and context to the real life experience of the business world.

But how else can we bridge the gap between classroom and the real business world?

Mentoring from those in business has become an important aspect of developing the full range of knowledge, skills and attributes to assist a student develop business acumen.
A mentor may take on the role as a coach. This involves having an understanding of the mentee, what they are looking to get out of the interaction, understanding where they are at the moment in regard to their professional development and where they want to go. As well as setting a future career path and how they may achieve this.

The mentor/mentee relationship is built on rapport, trust and understanding from both the mentor and mentee. This requires a suitable matching process to ensure there is a fit of personality, previous experience and aspirations of the mentor to the mentee. If this is not right, then neither party gains from the interaction.

A mentor is more than a coach. As the relationship and trust develops there is also the opportunity for access to the mentors’ networks and provide direction or advice in a particular field or industry. Advice can be given of the right networking forums, conferences, professional bodies and other places of like-minded people gathering to make those vital connections.

UBSS is a professional partner with the Institute of Managers and Leaders. Through this partnership UBSS students can access the wealth of knowledge and opportunity available from becoming an IML Affiliate Member for free.

IML offers a Mentorship program across Australia and New Zealand to its members. Mentors are selected and provided the tools to guide, coach and motivate mentees, to reach their goals. This raises student engagement and employability for UBSS students.

As stated by IML “The right connection has the power to change your life. We understand the importance of having the proper networks to open new leadership opportunities and broaden career horizons. Our Member Exchange program is designed to spark these unique professional potentials, no matter which side of the mentorship you’re on.” 

For further information on studying at UBSS and joining the IML Mentoring program contact us here. We are here to launch your entrepreneur career.


Professor Andy West
Dean (UBSS)