CFE presentation
Michelle Carlyle, a CFE Fellow specializing in positive organisational psychology, will present to Managing Workplace Relations (MHR001A) students.
Setting a clear and concise brief to increase team performance
3:00 pm, Wednesday 17 March

In this presentation Michelle will discuss a cohesive framework that will increase engagement and commitment with your workers, to build trust by providing clarity from the outset, which will deliver the performance objectives across business that you want to achieve.

How many times a day do you make a request of someone in your business to take care of something for you? It could be as simple as booking a meeting room, or more involved like producing a report, or (most importantly) managing a new strategic project. 

Making a request of someone isn’t always seen as a ‘core business process’, yet if not done well can result in frustration, disagreements, misunderstandings, silos, poor relationships, mistrust, misalignment, duplication, wasted time, budget blow outs, sub-standard performance … just to name a few! 

All of these issues will be addressed by Michelle in her presentation to the MBA students.