General Information

  • Sydney CBD - Places of Worship



    St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral – corner Bathurst & George Streets, next to Town Hall

    St James Church – 173 King Street, Sydney

    Christ Church St Laurence Anglican Church – 812 George Street, Railway Square

    Holy Trinity Anglican Church – 50 Lower Fort Street, Miller’s Point

    St Philip’s – 3 York Street, Sydney


    Central Baptist Church – 619 George Street, Sydney


    St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral – College Street, Sydney

    St Benedict’s Catholic Church – cnr Chippendale & Parramatta Roads, Broadway

    St Peter Julian’s Catholic Church – 641 George Street, Haymarket


    Martin Luther German Lutheran Church -90 Goulburn Street, Sydney


    Scots Presbyterian Church – 44 Margaret Street, Sydney

    St George’s Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia – 201a Castlereagh Street, Sydney


    Congress Hall – 140 Elizabeth Street, Sydney


    Church of Scientology – 201 Castlereagh Street, Sydney


    St Stephen’s Uniting Church – 197 Macquarie Street, Sydney

    The Uniting Church – 8/222  Pitt Street, Sydney




    MOSQUES (and prayer rooms)

    Vodafone shop Musallah prayer room (upstairs), 36 York Street, Sydney, 2001 (02 9299 2798)

    Sydney City – York Street Convenience store prayer room 32 York Street, Sydney, 2000

    Town Hall Mussalah, 167B Castlereagh Street, Town Hall, Sydney, NSW,  2000

    University of Central Queensland Musalla, Room 609, 333 Kent Street, Sydney, 2000

    Blight Street 1-7 Bligh street (See Vodafone shop for keys (opposite Grace Hotel) 02 9299 2798

    Surry Hills Mosque 75-177 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

    Wynyard Mussalah, 60 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

    Sydney City Musalla Level 2, 19-21 Hunter Street, Sydney, 2000

    Ultimo TAFE prayer room on Mary Ann street 19 Mary Ann street, Ultimo,  NSW, 2007

    Mascot Musallah, Upstairs 1215 Botany Road, Mascot, NSW 2020, 02 96624410

    Surrey street Darlinghurst Musalla, 62 Surrey Street, Darlinghurst, 2010

    Darling Harbour Musalla, Level 1, 56-60 Erskine Street, Sydney, 2000

    Millers Point Musalla Abraham Mott Hall, 15A Argyle Place, Millers Point, Sydney, 2000





    Buddhist temples

    Sze Yup Temple 2 Edward St, Glebe NSW 2037 (Chinese Buddhist)

    Wat Buddharangsee temple 49 Trafalgar St, Sydney (Chinese Buddhist)

    Glebe Temple, 2 Edward Street, Glebe, 2037 (Chinese Buddhist)

    Nan Tien Temple (Buddhist temple)

    Hindu temples

    Hare Krishna temple, 180 Falcon Street, North Sydney, 2060


  • UBSS Name Change

    Why change the name to UBSS?

    The name Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS) is considered by GCA senior management and the former UIC Sydney Council (now UBSS Council) to better reflect and capture - through the new name - the academic discipline profile and Australian location of UIC Sydney. It is also envisioned to better position and promote our motto of "Launch your Career" , and highlight we are a registered higher education provider that offers government accredited degrees in accounting and business. 


    Why not call UBSS a  University?

    The use of the name 'University' has special rules and conditions under Australian government legislation. This means that the provider must meet these criteria. Note that there are currently 41 universities in Australia and gaining approval is a lengthy process. Be assured that  UBSS offers Bachelor degrees equivalent to university degrees. Details are available here.


    Does the Australian government know about the change?

    Yes, UBSS is now listed on the Tertiary Education & Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) website as a registered and approved higher education provider with the Australian government. Its proprietor remains as GCA. The TEQSA website publishes the official list of higher education providers approved to operate by the Australian government. UBSS is also listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) with GCA as its proprietor. UBSS is now listed on the Federal government's PRISMS database.


    Will the name change affect my course of study?

    No – there are no changes as a result of the name change to the content, mode of delivery, location of delivery, trimester dates, holiday dates or census dates as currently published for the Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business courses.


    Will the name change affect my student visa?

    No, you were granted a visa to study either the Bachelor of Accounting or Bachelor of Business at UIC Sydney for your specified CoE period. The course you are studying has not changed and neither has your CoE. UBSS is now listed on the Tertiary Education & Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) website as a registered and approved higher education provider with the Australian government (replacing UIC Sydney).  All documentation you receive will indicate that UBSS formerly traded as UIC Sydney to avoid confusion.


    Will the name change affect my CoE?

    No, your CoE will remain as it is recorded on MyGCA.          


    Will it affect my fee-help contribution?

    No, your fee-help contribution is based on your course of study – and because there are no changes to your course of study, there are no changes to fee-help arrangements.


    Will the name change affect the fees I am paying?

    No, the 2012 fee schedule is published on the new UBSS website and is the same that was published on the former UIC website earlier this year. 


    Does the CPA and IPA know about the name change?

    Yes, the Dean has written to both organisations advising of the name change, and requested for these organisations to update their website lists of accredited providers accordingly. They have also been advised that the name change does not include any changes to the accredited Bachelor of Accounting course.


    Do I graduate from UBSS?

    Yes, all students graduating from 2012 will graduate from UBSS. All graduation documentation will indicate that UBSS formerly traded as UIC Sydney to avoid any potential confusion in the market place.


    What happens if I am a UIC Sydney graduate?

    Your UIC Sydney qualification is still 100% valid. All UBSS documentation indicates that UBSS formerly traded as UIC Sydney. UBSS is still part of GCA. However you can email GCA Student services at studentservices@centralcollege.edu.au for a replacement testamur (x1 only) that will be issued free of charge from August 2012.


    Does my agent know about the change?

    Yes, all GCA agents were sent the same letter that you received by email and MYGCA Bulletin advising of the name change.  

  • What are the international student entry requirements for UBSS

    Please refer to the Course Admissions Policy on this website.

  • Who is eligible for FEE Help?

    You are eligible to apply for FEE Help if you are either:

    1. an Australian Citizen
    2. hold a permanent humanitarian visa

    Check the Fee-Help page for details.

  • What are the domestic student entry requirements for UBSS

    Please refer to the Course Admissions Policy on this website.