Bachelor of Accounting

Why Study Accounting:

Accounting is a diverse and challenging profession with accountants contributing to the sustainability and financial development of any organization by providing expert analysis and advice to stakeholders on all aspects of financial operations –including the development and review of budgets, analysis of revenue and financial performance, financial risk management, establishing and reviewing internal financial control systems, and utilisation of technology in accounting practice.

At UBSS you will learn the fundamental concepts of accounting required for graduate accountants and will also be examined on critical thinking and personal presentation skills that are designed to prepare you as leaders – and not followers – when you enter the workforce.  Our course is also professionally accredited by the CPA and CA and IPA which provides eligibility for Associate Membership with these organisations, and the opportunity for global recognition and mobility.

The major areas covered in the course are


  • Financial accounting:Preparation of legally required financial statements, analysis and interpretation of financial statements, complex financial transactions and instrument, an differences in reporting entities;
  • Managerial accounting in the context of world class management practice: Design and operation of accounting information systems, planning and control, budgeting, strategy formulation and performance evaluation
  • Auditing and assurance: Evaluating internal control systems, adding credibility to reported information, assessing levels of risk exposure and improving the corporate governance.

Career Opportunities:

Entry level positions in accountancy include graduate accountant, Finance Officer, junior auditor, analyst etc. Your eligibility for associate membership status with the CPA and CA gained at UBSS also prepares you to enrol in the professional CPA and CA program to enhance your employability and career prospects. 

  • At UBSS, our emphasis on academic content, technology in teaching,  as well as personal presentation skills is designed to produce a 'rounded' graduate who has theoretical knowledge, personal integrity, presentation skills and professionalism to make a positive impression in any interview scenario to increase his or her employment prospects.

Career opportunities for experienced accountants are strong, as all organisations, whether they are in the private or public sector, require accountants - you could be working anywhere from the arts, entertainment industry, banking and finance, education, government, or in the sport and tourism industry, as examples.

Course Structure & Duration:

Course CodeLevel of AchievementSubjects RequiredSemesters Required*Years Required*
062949MBachelor of Accounting2463
070346E  Associate Degree of Accounting1642
070347DDiploma of Accounting821

* Based on a full-time study load of four (4) subjects per semester.

  • A fast-track option is available providing students enrol in three (3) semesters per year (includes Summer semester)
  • Bachelor degree may be completed in 2 years full-time where Credit Transfer is granted for a minimum of eight subjects for relevant previous study
  • International students must adhere to the UBSS Study Load rules to ensure they complete within their CoE period
  • All subjects are 3 credit points

 Start (Year 1)

SubjectCodeEFTSL Value**
Accounting for BusinessBAP120.125
Advanced Business CommunicationBAS210.125
Information Technology for AccountantsBAC110.125
Quantitative MedthodsBAC210.125
Organisational Behaviour BBM2650.125
Corporate FinanceBAP530.125
Principles of AccountingBAP110.125
Business EconomicsBAS110.125

Exit with Diploma of Accounting 070347D

Year 2

SubjectCodeEFTSL Value**
Business LawBBC1310.125
Management AccountingBAP220.125
Stakeholder Values & EthicsBAP610.125
Issues in Financial ReportingBAP620.125
Dimensions of the Knowledge SocietyBAS510.125
Company and Associations LawBAC310.125
Accounting Information SystemsBAP710.125
Taxation Law and Practice 1BAP310.125

Exit with Associate Degree of Accounting 070346E

Year 3

SubjectCodeEFTSL Value**
Taxation Law and Practice 2BAP510.125
Cost ManagementBAC510.125
Innovation and Entrepreneurship BBM3100.125
Corporate AccountingBAP320.125
Capstone BAC610.125
Audting & AssuranceBAP410.125
Financial Statements & Investment AnalysisBAP420.125
Financial Accounting TheoryBAP210.125

Exit with Bachelor of Accounting 062949M

Chartered Accountant (CA) Information:

To view the CA website, click here

CPA and CA Accreditation Requirements:

The subjects marked with a * above are the accounting core competencies, and must be completed to obtain CPA and CA accreditation for the Bachelor of Accounting degree. The UBSS subjects, as marked with a * above, are also listed on the CPA and CA UBSS Bachelor of Accouting course page as the core competencies of the UBSS degree accredited by the CPA and CA.

When you graduate and apply for Associate Membership with the CPA and CA, you are required to have completed the subjects marked with * above  by either:

  • enrolling in them and completing (passing) them at UBSS; or
  • receiving an exemption (credit transfer) where evidence is provided you have completed the subject content elsewhere at an equivalent  level per the UBSS Credit Transfer Policy).

You are also required to complete the remaining subjects (NOT marked with *) to a total of 24 subjects.

To obtain CPA and CA membership status (and put CPA and CA after your name), you will also be required to complete the CPA and CA professional program after graduation. Details are on the CPA and CA Australia website

** EFTSL values represent a standard three year program.

Entry Requirements:

The standard entry requirements for this course are outlined in the UBSS Course Admissions Policy.

International student applicants who meet the academic admission requirements for this course, but who have not obtained an IELTS score of 6 or equivalent at the time of application are eligible to apply to enter UBSS under a packaged Course agreement, whereby they will initially enrol at the GCA Metro English College and complete a course of English until their English language is tested to an IELTS of 6.0 or equivalent,. See the Packaged Courses Policy on the Policies page of this website for more information.