Attributes of UBSS Graduates

The Academic Board approved the graduate attributes below for all UBSS graduates. Graduate attributes (GAs) comprise the knowledge and skills expected of higher education graduates. They are generic and serve to inform more specific, discipline based learning objectives and outcomes.

The GAs below have been progressively mapped across the learning outcomes and assessment  tasks for subjects that comprise the Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business awards. These GAs are linked to UBSS' mission of producing work ready graduates, and its motto of "Launching Careers".

  • Continuous Learning
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Social Responsibility
  • Technology
  • Discipline Knowledge & Skills

The features of these attributes are summarised below:

Continuous Learning

 Develops knowledge and skills continuously based on personal initiatives and acceptance of constructive feedback.


Prepares and presents information and knowledge that is relevant, coherent and persuasive, and appropriate to the context, purpose and audience.

 Problem Solving

Designs, implements and evaluates strategies to address business problems or goals using critical thought to generate, interpret and effectively use information.


Fosters mutually respectful collaborative relationships that facilitate the productivity and cohesiveness of work teams.

 Social Responsibility

Acknowledges social, cultural and ethical sensitivities impacting business, and how values and principles are applied to determine and judge the implications of actions.


Employs appropriate technologies to manage information efficiently.

 Discipline Knowledge & Skills

Applies the knowledge and skills of disciplined and independent inquiry to address the challenges of professional activity.