Choosing & Changing Majors: Bachelor of Business

Choosing a Major:

        All Bachelor of Business (BBus) students are to choose a major at the time they enrol (no later than their first subject selection). The major you choose you should reflect your interests and career aspirations.      

If you are applying for Credit Transfer (exemptions) from a previously completed course, the number of exemptions you will receive will depend on how compatible your previous course is with the Major of your choice per the rules of the Credit Transfer Policy. For example, a student who has completed an Advanced Diploma of Management is eligible for more exemptions in the Management Major than in the Accounting Major, because the course content is more similar. You need to consider this when choosing a major if receiving the most permissible number of exceptions is important to you. Applications for Credit Transfer are assessed once only.

The three majors available are:

Changing Majors:

You may be permitted to change majors with the approval of the Dean, but not later than one (1) semester after the commencement of your course. 

If you want to change major, you need to understand that the subjects offered in each major are different because they lead to a specialisation. Therefore if you change major after you have commenced your course and/or have been award exemptions, you need to check if:

  •  The subjects you have already completed are also part of the major you wish to change to (the designate major)
  •  The subjects you have received exemptions for are also part of  the major you wish to change to (the designate major

To check, click on the link above for the relevant majors, and cross-check the subjects between your current major and the major you want to change to.


  • If the subjects you have  received exemptions for are NOT the same subjects as those offered in the designate major, you will NOT receive additional/new exemptions – this means you will need to study more subjects at UBSS;
  • If the subjects you have already studied at UBSS are NOT offered in the designate major, you cannot receive exemptions for those subjects as they do not exist in the designate major – this means you will need to study more subjects at UBSS.   
  • If you need to study more subjects at UBSS you will need to maintain a high study load to complete within your CoE (and this is only permitted for students who make good academic progress).