Technology in Learning & Teaching

UBSS students enjoy the advantage of using state-of-the-art technology as part of their learning. Proficiency and an appreciation of the use of technology is also an attribute and advantage that UBSS graduates have in seeking employment in today's workforce, which requires new empolyees to be proficent in the use of technology and appreciate its value in enhancing the efficiency, affordability and scalability of business procedures and processes. Technologies used by all  UBSS students and staff include:


UBSS uses cutting edge SmartBoard technology in its classrooms to maximise the learning potential for students. All classrooms are fitted out with SmartBoards, which are interactive white boards that allow active student participation, both in class and later at home.  SmartBoards do exactly what computers can do, but enhance the learning experience allowing lessons written on the board to be saved. This material is then uploaded to Moodle to view at home.



Why Use Smartboards

Because with Smartboards:

Ideas and changes can be added, saved and captured without losing the original concept

Any computer-based program can be accessed and used as a learning tool in the classroom: 

e.g.  Powerpoint, Excel, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc

The internet can be accessed as a resource in class

Interactive activities involve students in the teaching learning cycle in the classroom

Graphics and colours allow students to explore their creativity

Speakers give access to sound which adds another sensory aspect to lessons 

Extensive Computer Labs & Laptops

Computer laboratories with the latest hardware and software add the finishing touch to a modern college dedicated to the education of its students and serving their needs. All students have a college email address and free access to the computer labs and the internet.  UBSS has 15 dedicated computer labs with hundreds of computers. Not only are the labs available for classes, they are open to all students during college hours for self-study purposes. 

Free WI-FI

UBSS offers students and staff access to a free wireless network on campus. Wi-Fi is available in classrooms as well as the student recreation area and lunchroom.  Students are encouraged to bring their laptop to make use of this free service. The IT team can assist with any questions they may have about logging on to the wireless network and also with computers in the computer labs.

 Technology & Learning At UBSS

Software & PCs

For student use UBSS has:

Hundreds of PCs all running on Windows XP and using Microsoft Office 2007 Professional

Student Quotas - Free

100mb download per month on college computers (reset on 22nd of each month)

200mb download per month to student’s own laptop (reset 1st of each month)

Download access is not blocked when monthly maximums are reached, but the speed is reduced.  Student Account Storage limit – 100mb.  Equal to leading education institutions. 

Design Software

All computers in GCA Towers are loaded with Adobe’s® Creative Suite® 3.3 Design Premium. Students have access to full versions of:

InDesign CS3

Photoshop CS3 Extended

Illustrator CS3

Flash CS3 Professional

Dreamweaver CS3

Acrobat 9


About Moodle

 UBSS utilises the e-learning tool “Moodle” to support the face-to-face learning in class. Moodle is a course management system designed to help educators who want to create quality online courses. The software is used all over the world by universities, schools, companies and independent teachers. Moodle has a significant base with approximately 10,000 registered sites, over seven million users and over 700,000 courses.  The word Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.


Moodle For Students

Students use the MyGCA Study Support system on a daily basis to review class material and extra resources, check their homework, complete online tests, participate in class chats or forums, hand in assignments or even listen to their lecturer’s MP3 files. Students at UBSS find the MyGCA Study Support system extremely beneficial to their education.


Moodle For Lecturers

Lecturers at UBSS use the MyGCA Study Support system to create and upload all class material for individual courses. Every course page contains lessons by lecturer, Smartboard notes and diagrams, class worksheets, handouts, reference material, web links, audio files, video files and so much more.


Moodle Activities

The Moodle activities are used at UBSS in the following ways:


The wiki activity allows students or class groups to create a Wiki (collaborative web page that can be edited by a select group of people) on a class based topic.


The chat activity is used for class-based discussion on material learned in class. The chat activity encourages students to share ideas and opinions in a less formal situation.


The choice activity is used to encourage discussion and opinions. Students are given a topic question and students use the College’s computer network to vote and submit their answer. The class’ answers are displayed immediately and this prompts student and lecturer-lead discussion.


Forums are used to post class discussions, answers and even MP3 files (that can be downloaded to student’s MP3 players). The forums can be used as a class meeting point to answer topic questions and work as a team.


The assignment activity is used for lecturers to post assignment instructions and questions. This activity also allows students to submit their assignments electronically, similar to university.


The quiz activity allows lecturers to create online tests that are marked and give feed-back automatically.  The quiz activity is ideal for self-assessment.


The glossary activity is used to collate all the new language for each subject. The glossary also contains MP3 files for students to listen to or download to their MP3 players. These MP3 files are set up a podcasts allowing to automatic download to student’s MP3 players.  This feature is ideal for our student’s to improve their subject-based language skills.