Centre for Entrepreneurship - Manly, Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder

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CFE is the brainchild of Alan Manly - founder, owner and Managing Director of Group Colleges Australia and UBSS, with over 20 years of experience in the Australian Education industry. Alan Manly is an Australian entrepreneur and company director. He has over ten years of higher education experience and leadership and he has published 30+ articles in a range of national and international publications. His first book❝When There Are Too Many Lawyers❞  tells the story of an entrepreneur caught up in a ten year court case. His new book ❝ The Unlikely Entrepreneur  is an essential read for all aspiring entrepreneurs.


Alan recognises the importance of an MBA student not just receiving a class room education, but also hearing from and being involved in Australian businesses, to truly develop to job ready graduates.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship operates within UBSS, a respected private higher education provider in Sydney, Australia offering Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business awards.