What employers want & UBSS Capstone Project

What Employers Want

The Department of Education, Science and Training (2002) “Employability Skills for the Future” report identified seven key skills employers look for in “job-ready” graduates:

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Initiative and enterprise skills.
  • Planning and organising skills.
  • Self-management skills.
  • Learning skills.
  • Technology skills.

Dept. Of Education Science and Training (2002). “Employability Skills for the Future”, p46.

Are you surprised to discover that academic qualifications are not at the top of the list?

Successful engagement at higher education study is not solely about earning good marks. It is also about developing additional skills that make you a 'well-rounded' graduate. 

Remember that UBSS has developed a set of graduate attributes for all UBSS graduates that are designed to provide you with not only technical knowledge related to your degree, but also skills relating to the above to assist you with being a well-rounded graduate.

Relationship to UBSS Capstone Project

The table below outlines the eight (8) attributes above and how they relate to the UBSS Capstone Project in your final year, which is the culmination of your studies and provides leverage to "Launch your Career" 



Communication skills


•Give formal presentation to peers and senior corporate examiners
•Practice presentation in class and evaluate peers

Teamwork skills.

•Work all semester in a group
•Work with different personalities and opinions
•Submit report and present project as a team

Problem-solving skills.


•Work with team to solve problems
•Think of alternative approaches/methods to solve problems

Initiative and enterprise skills.


•Create own project with rationale
•Develop and sell a BUSINESS

Planning and organising skills.


•Develop project over 1x semester
•Develop & adhere to schedule to meet deadlines

Self-management skills.


•Undertake independent research
•Manage own time

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