Getting Help (study tips)

UBSS has three broad types of intervention that assist with students experiencing academic difficulty:

  • Enrolment in study skills courses;
  • Enrolment in English language courses (Metro College)
  • Referral to a counsellor for interpersonal problems that may be related to poor academic performance.

UBSS in its resource room also has tutors rostered each week during the teaching weeks each semester. The timetable is announced at the beginning of each semester and these tutors (members of the lecturing staff) can:

  • Provide you with general advice on your studies or particular area/s you are having difficulty with;
  • Guide and advise you with particular tasks or assessment items you have for current subjects;
  • Explain concepts or theories that are troubling you that are core to your studies
  • Give you general study skills tips and advice

Note that students who fail 50%+ of their subjects in any semester are placed in academic warning and are required to access our academic intervention strategies as listed above.