Group Work

Some subjects will require you to undertake group work, usually within a group of up to 6 people. The rationale for groupwork is that you develop skills to work as part of a team, which is a quality that employer’s desire. Effective group work requires:

  • Equal participation of all members including an even distribution of workload;
  • Mutual respect and tolerance of other group members regardless of their gender, nationality, religion, political beliefs, etc;
  • All group members to meet when agreed and regularly communicate with other group members outside of group meetings;
  • the ability to consider and be challenged by other people’s ideas;
  • the ability to rationally and constructively discuss conflicting ideas and opinions without causing offence or discomfort to other group members;
  • the ability of all members to complete required tasks by set deadlines.

Some groups may nominate a leader to coordinate the group. The leader is, however, expected to consider all group members’ ideas and actions at all times, and not dominate or bully other group members with his/her own ideas and opinions.

If there are any inter-personal problems within the group, you should first discuss them constructively and maturely within the group to reach an agreed solution. If this has been done and you cannot resolve the issue, you should then raise the issue with your lecturer.