Stress Management

Studying full-time can be stressful, particularly towards end of semester when assignments are due and you have exams to study for. Tips on stress management include:

  • Manage your time effectively – see the time management page for tips;
  • Make sure you allocate enough time to prepare for class and do the homework/tasks assigned after class EVERY WEEK – this is one way to master the subject content and avoid ‘cramming’ at the end of semester, which is stressful;
  • Make sure you understand the requirements of assignments and exams – check Moodle or ask the lecturer if you do not understand;
  • Try and relax! Make sure you have time each week to socialise with friends and for activities/hobbies you enjoy
  • Look after your health – eat a balanced diet, take some exercise and get enough sleep to ensure you do not become tired or run down.
  • Attend to your finances - plan for your tuition fees each semester in advance
  • Ensure your studies take first priority - international students are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight during semester (this includes the exam weeks). This is a substantial commitment, especially when you have to study 4 subjects each semester at UBSS (in Semesters 1 and 2) that requires a minimum of 12 hours attendance per week at UBSS PLUS additional reading and preparation time.  Remember, your studies are the reason you have a student visa and you are required to make academic progress and maintain a full-time study load as a condition of that visa and your enrolment at UBSS.
  • UBSS can provide additional academic support if you need help or tips with study - this is outlined in the UBSS Academic Progression & Intervention Policy located in the policies section of your GCA account, or you can make an appointment with the Executive Dean who can discuss your needs in detail;
  • UBSS can provide professional external help if you are feeling overwhelmed, a bit down, depressed or homesick – you can approach Student  Services in the first instance.
  • Advice and external professional help is available in the UBSS International Students Support Policy located in the Policies section of your MyGCA account.