Time Management

Undertaking higher education study is a serious commitment and requires dedication and time to succeed. You need to read and prepare for each class every week, plan for and meet all the assessment deadlines during the semester, as well allocate some time for your external commitments to UBSS (such as family, social activities, sport and part-time work). Time management is therefore very important. Tips to manage your time include: 

  • Review your subject outline for every subject – keep a diary/schedule of when all assessments are due during the semester;
  • make you read the material BEFORE class to ensure you are prepared for every class;
  • Make you sure you start work on your assessments well in advance of their due date – leaving it to the night before will cause you and others around you great stress!
  • Ensure your studies take first priority - international students are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight during semester (this includes the exam weeks). This is a substantial commitment, especially when you have to study 4 subjects each semester at UBSS (in Semesters 1 and 2) that requires a minimum of 12 hours attendance per week at UBSS PLUS additional reading and preparation time.  Remember, your studies are the reason you have a student visa and you are required to make academic progress and maintain a full-time study load as a condition of your visa and your enrolment at UBSS. 
  • Keep work commitments to a minimum – 40 hours per fortnight  is plenty in addition to full-time study;
  • Ensure that you schedule any part-time work commitments around your UBSS timetable. Your study and availability at UBSS comes first as a full-time student!
  • Ensure you allow a least 6 hours per week outside of class to spend on reading and wiring for each subject at home