Study Tips & Skills

Welcome to the study skills pages of the UBSS website. On these pages you will find a comprehensive range of study skills information, which should assist you to become a more confident student at UBSS.


UBSS is committed to your learning support and has:

  • Expanded UBSS e-resource room on Level 2  that also serves as a learning support centre;
  • Scheduled tutors in the resource room at advertised times to provide help, guidance and advice with your studies as a strategy to ensure you succeed at UBSS.
  • Provided the information below for for your reference
  • Subscribed to a comprehensive e-library with access to thousands of scholarly articles and materials.

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Reading TipsWriting AssignmentsGiving Presentations in Class
Taking ExamsCritical ThinkingTime Management
PlagiarismGroup WorkStress Management
 Importance of attending class & buying materials Getting Help with study  After UBSS: Getting a Job
English Language SupportGCA e-library (MyGCA login) Emerald Publishing study Skills