Mission, Motto & Values

The Private MBA Business School

UBSS Mission: 

UBSS launches careers for the entrepreneurs of the future

UBSS Motto:

"Launch your Career"

UBSS values:

  • Deliver Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Accounting and MBA with an Australian experience
  • With an entrepreneurial focus, UBSS provides a learning environment for the entrepreneurs of the future
  • Provide a high level of student support and care to deliver a quality learning space
  • UBSS offers access to cutting edge online and classroom education technology for all students
  • Foster staff professional development and scholarship to provide high quality teaching

Academic Excellence & Free Intellectual Inquiry

UBSS will select and appoint academic staff who are respected practitioners within their relevant fields of expertise and who are able to integrate academic theory with professional practice. Curricula will be academically integrated and relevant to professional practice to equip graduates with the skills necessary to meet the demands of professional practice.

UBSS will encourage and promote a culture of free intellectual inquiry and the open exchange of ideas in the pursuit of knowledge, innovation and best practice.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous quality improvement will be a core task for all staff, both management and academic. Regular, periodic reviews of curricula, systems, activities and performance outcomes will be conducted, some with external input.  UBSS will continuously benchmark its quality measures against other institutions in the sector.

Contribution to Professional Practice

Personal development opportunities and incentives will be provided for UBSS academic staff to interact with their professions and to be innovative in professional practice. They will be encouraged to provide leadership in their respective disciplines by engaging in scholarship that will lead to new solutions to business and industry problems.

 Access & Equity

UBSS recognises the principles of access and equity as core values in Australian higher education and its governance practices and policies will endeavour to ensure these principles are observed in all its activities. Access to its academic programs will be on an equitable basis;. UBSS will aim to recruit and retain a diverse group of talented students.