Subject Selection

Subject Selection (enrolment) usually opens on MyGCA one week prior to the start of semester and is open until the end of the first week of semester. You must enrol in subjects during this period - you may not add/enrol in subjects after the first week of semester.

International students are required to adhere to the study load rules to ensure they maintain a full-time study load to  meet course progression and completion requirements

You must also ensure you understand the information about the census date - this is very important to ensure you do not incur any unnecessary financial and/or academic liability.

You must only select subjects that are relevant to your course.

·         The Bachelor of Accounting course is fixed and subjects are listed on the Course Information Page;

·         The Bachelor of Business (BBus) has three (3) majors (Human Resources; Management; and Marketing)

·         BBus students must choose 1x of the above majors at the commencement of your course and you must select subjects listed for that major. Subjects by major are available in the Course Information page.

·         The Masters of Business Administration has three (3) major streams (Applied Finance, Human Resources and Marketing) Subjects by major are available in the Course Information page

·         Note: if you do not enrol in the correct subjects for the Bachelor of Accounting, the Masters of Business Administration course OR for your chosen major in the BBus, you may not be able to graduate.


Do not select subjects you have been granted exemptions (Credit Transfer) for.