Semester 2 & 3, 2012 prize winners receive their certificates at the UBSS Prize Ceremony in March 2013. Congratulations to all prize winners for their outstanding work!

The UBSS Council approved the following prizes for UBSS students at its 1 December 2011 meeting, to be effective from Semester 1, 2012:

UBSS Professor Gus Guthrie Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement 

An award established by the UBSS Council to recognise and reward outstanding academic achievement for graduates from the UBSS Bachelor degree programs. The Award is a named award in recognition of the inaugural and long serving Chair of the UBSS Council, Professor Gus Guthrie.


The award is to be presented at the UBSS graduation ceremony in 2012 (and each year thereafter) for the most successful graduate completing a degree in that year who has:

  • Achieved a minimum of distinction average (a raw average mark of 75+) for the duration of their course of study
  • Has no fail grades in their course of study
  • Has a record of satisfactory academic and non-academic conduct during their course of study

Where two or more students have an equal raw average mark, the Award will be made to the student with the higher number of subjects that are graded at HD and D Level.

Details of Award Process:

  • Each year the Academic Board will consider candidates for the award and recommend an awardee for endorsement by the UBSS Council
  • The Award will be presented by the Chair, UBSS Council in the form of a struck medal or plaque at the UBSS graduation ceremony each year
  • The awardee agrees to participate in GCA publicity related to the award.

UBSS Awards for Academic Excellence


The award will be offered to the student who achieves the highest mark for each subject offered in the UBSS Bachelor degree programs.

For each subject, an awardee will be selected who:

  • Achieves the highest overall mark in the subject (the ‘subject’ will include cohorts from more than one degree program where the same subjects are part of each degree structure, although administered under different subject codes)
  • Has not failed any items of  assessment offered in the subject
  • Has no prior or current proven cases of academic misconduct in any subject offered by UBSS

In addition:

  • There must be a minimum of 10 students enrolled in the subject
  • The award is not available for reading subjects

The highest overall mark will be set at the level required to achieve a grade of High Distinction in the subject (85+) and no lower.

If two or more students achieve an equal mark, then the award will be offered to those students.

Details of Award:

  • The Award will be offered in the form of a Certificate signed by the Director of Higher Education, UBSS & Chair of the Academic Board
  • The award will be presented by the Chair of the Academic Board at a UBSS Awards ceremony held each semester
  • The awardee agrees to participate in GCA publicity related to the award, and accordingly agrees to sign a testimonial consent form