Private Higher Education Providers & Universities

What is the difference...?

UBSS, as part of Group Colleges Australia (GCA), is a private higher education provider that is registered by the Australian government (the Tertiary Education Quality & Standards Agency or TEQSA) to offer Bachelor degree programs that are of equivalent standing to those offered by Australian universities. UBSS  is therefore registered on the Australian Government's Department of Education and Training list of approved  higher education providers (under Group Colleges Australia) along with Australian universities.

International students studying at Australian private higher education providers are also entitled to the same student visa conditions as international students studying at Australian universities. 

To obtain this government registration and parity in visa recognition status, UBSS is subjected to rigorous scrutiny and review by TEQSA, where it must evidence: academic quality, sound corporate governance, sound financial management; adequacy and quality of staffing, measures and policies to ensure fair treatment and protection of students; and appropriate facilities and services that support students administratively, pastorally and as relevant to their course discipline needs.  This means that UBSS has full government approval to offer its Bachelor degree and MBA programs, equivalent to those offered by Australian universities, as the Australian government has certified it meets the above requirements.


UBSS is also a member of the Council of Private Higher Education (COPHE) – membership is by invitation only.

Advantages of studying at UBSS, as a private higher education provider include:

  • Access to a designated study space (e-resource centre) containing a broad range of e-library resources and computing equipment where students can study in a modern, quiet environment
  • Use of state of the art teaching technology, including Smartboards, the Moodle e-learning system, and access to MyGCA – a 24/7 online student service database where students enrol, pay fees, maintain their records, etc
  • A teaching calendar that allows students to progress quickly though their course
  • Comparatively  smaller class sizes compared to universities, providing smaller teacher-student ratios enabling closer student-teacher interaction
  • A smaller student cohort compared to a University that provides better opportunities for making friends, and a feeling of belonging!
  • Recognition and reward of academic achievement through a range of prizes for students
  • Participation in UBSS decision making through the UBSS Student Representative Committee (SRC) and the Academic Board
  • The Bachelor of Accounting course is accredited by CPA, Australia, IPA and CA
  • UBSS is approved to offer fee-help for local (Australian) students who meet the criteria