UBSS Academic Senate

UBSS has an Academic Senate that reports to the GCA Board.

Functions of the Academic Senate:

  • To be the principal academic body of UBSS
  • To oversee and coordinate the work of academic units and to evaluate and monitor the quality of teaching and scholarship
  • To advise the GCA Board and Director of Higher Education on matters relating to teaching and scholarship within UBSS
  • Provide an avenue to students and staff to volunteer comments about the curriculum
  • Seek feedback from students, staff, stakeholders and other professional bodies
  • Monitor student pass rates and respond where they are not satisfactory
  • Maintain awareness of developments of other courses, especially those offered by universities
  • Identify risks and develop strategies to ensure the long term viability of course delivery and student outcomes
  • To review education policy and provide advice and recommendations for the GCA Board
  • Benchmark UBSS courses against similar courses nationally and internationally
  • Establish Course Advisory Committees for the review and establishment of new courses
  • Recommend to the GCA Council the approval of new courses and have overall responsibility for educational policy, quality management, curriculum and the student appeals process

Membership of the Academic Senate:

  • The Chair appointed by Academic Board: Professor Greg Whateley. B. Education (Music), M Education (Music) PhD
  • The Deputy Chair - Vacant Position 
  • Academic Dean, UBSS Professor Angus Hooke. BEcon (Hons) (ANU), DipEd (Syd), PhD (Qld)
  • Course Directors of active UBSS Programs Accounting (Mr Lu Jiao): BCom (Hons) (Macq), CA)
  • Course Directors of active UBSS Programs Business; Mr Wayne Smithson, BCom, MBA (CQU)
  • Course Directors of active UBSS Programs MBA; Professor Angus Hooke, BEcon (Hons) (ANU), DipEd (Syd), PhD (Qld)
  • Elected members of the UBSS academic staff (Ms Nisha Dookie: BCom (Natal), MBus (USA)
  • External Member: Ms Thelma Raman 
  • One elected member of the UBSS student body (Zeeshan Khan) 
  • Other persons, external to GCA ,as GCA Board may appoint on advice of the Academic Board