Census Dates

Enrolment (subject selection)

Usually opens one week prior to the start of semester and is open until the end of the first week of semester. You must enroll in and pay for all subjects during this period - you may not add/enroll in subjects after the first week of semester. Tips on enrolment are available on the subject selection page of this site.

Census date

Is set,  up to one month after each semester starts - this is the last day to withdraw from subjects. The census date is published on MyGCA when you select subjects for each semester, and is also published here for the 2015 academic year.

If you do not withdraw from a subject by the census date you will a) incur financial liability for the subject; and b) will incur academic penalty for the subject. If international students withdraw from a subject they still must maintain the study load requirements for their course.

Note: Fee-help liability is calculated based on subjects you are enrolled in after the census date for each semester.

You must check on MyGCA that your enrolment details (subject selection) is accurate by the census date . You will not be allowed to attend any subject/s or undertake assessment items for any subject/s that you are not enrolled in after the census date. Your enrolment is your responsibility and you must address any issues with Student Services before the census date.

If you have not paid fees owing in full by the census date, your enrolment will be suspended, your MyGCA access closed and you may be reported to Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for violation of your visa terms (which include remaining enrolled and financial).