Student Representative Committee (SRC)


About the SRC

The  Student Representative Committee (SRC) works with the Director of Higher Education to address and progress a number of issues raised by the students to enhance your experience with us and to ensure you have a direct contribution into your environment at UBSS.

The SRC will also organize social and other events - UBSS life is not only about study!

Terms of reference of the SRC are:

  • To provide constructive feedback on behalf of the student body on the student experience to UBSS management
  • To provide constructive feedback on UBSS student facilities
  • To coordinate social activities in conjunction with UBSS management to enhance the experience of students
  • To coordinate/assist with UBSS marketing events and campaigns
  • To act as a central contact body/liaison point between UBSS management and the student body 

Contacting the SRC

To contact SRC members, email:  SRC members will raise your query (in confidence, without mentioning your name) at the next meeting of the SRC. Please ensure that your comments are constructive and concise  to ensure that the SRC can give them full consideration.

Term of positions:

For one year.

Filling of Positions:

All students enrolled in a UBSS course are eligible to nominate candidates for positions and participate in elections.

Positions will be filled via an electoral process

a) Currently enrolled students will be asked to submit nominations (self-nominate) for membership to the above positions. The nomination must include your name, the position (1x only) you wish to run for and a one paragraph statement on why you  should be elected to that position (for the information of voters).
b) Students who wish to nominate and stand for election must have a sound academic record and have no proven sanctions and cases of misconduct held against them, and will have financial status in their course of study.
c) Where more than one nomination is received for each position, an election will be held to fill that position. Position holders will be elected by and from the students of UBSS. All students who are enrolled in a UBSS course are allowed to participate in elections and vote for candidates.
d) The election will be held electronically via Moodle.
e) The Director of Higher Education of UBSS will act as Returning Officer for the elections and will announce results.
f) The President and Office Bearers shall take office after the elections process.
g) Where an elected (or nominated) member is unable to continue in that position, the position will be offered to the next candidate who stood for election with the highest number of votes. Where no such person is available, the SRC will appoint a replacement from a suitable candidate from the student body.

Conduct of Meetings:

  • The Committee shall meet at least once every semester during each semester
  • The Secretary is responsible for setting the Agenda for meetings in consultation with the President, the Director of Higher Education, UBSS and other Office bearers
  • The Secretary will act as secretary to the meeting and will take the minutes of meetings
  • At least 2 weeks’ notice will be given for any meeting
  • A quorum of at least fifty per cent (50%) of members shall be necessary to constitute a meeting of SRC
  • The Director of Higher Education, UBSS will attend the UBSS meetings;
  • Members are expected to attend meetings unless good reasons are provided for absence

Recognition of SRC Membership
Members who regularly attend meetings and proactively execute the duties associated with their position and maintain sound conduct, will be presented with a certificate and letter of reference, signed by the Director of Higher Education at the end of their term.

Position Responsibilities:

• Serves as the principal contact officer between the SRC and the Director of Higher Education, UBSS
• Provides leadership to UBSS office bearers in all aspects of SRC business
• Coordinates business and activities across the other UBSS office bearers
• Sets the Agenda of UBSS SRC meetings in conjunction with the Director of Higher Education

• Distributes meeting Agenda on behalf of the SRC President and Director of Higher Education, UBSS
• Takes Minutes at meetings
• Ensures all matters discussed at meetings are executed
• Serves as an initial contact for the Director of Higher Education and students of UNSS for SRC matters
• Is responsible for all communications from the SRC to UBSS students and ensures that communications are timely, use appropriate medium, and comply with GCA communication policies and procedures

Academic Liaison Officer
• Liaises on and coordinates a range of academic matters referred by the Director of Higher Education and the SRC, such as the purchase of textbooks, students’ academic training requirements (e-resources, Moodle, etc)
• Act as the student member on the UBSS Academic Board to provide a student’s perspective into academic oversight and planning

Facilities Liaison Officer
• Acts as a conduit between UBSS students and the SRC/Director of Higher Education to facilitate feedback regarding UBSS/GCA facilities for consideration of UBSS management and the SRC

Activities & Events Coordinator
• Acts as a conduit between UBSS students and the SRC/GCA Marketing Manager to facilitate students’ participation in GCA marketing, social events, student orientation programs etc, as directed by the SRC/Marketing Manager/UBSS management

In addition, one (1) other office bearer will be appointed to the Academic Board as a student representative based on the consensus of the SRC and the Director of Higher Education.